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The Guardian - Future Journalists Trip

The Guardian - Future Journalists Trip

29 Year 8 students were given the exciting opportunity to visit The Guardian and Observer headquarters in the capital city of London on 24th April. 

Students were walked through the working offices, seeing journalists, editors and satirical cartoonists at work. After arriving at their private office, they began their task - creating their own newspaper front covers. 

Students were shown how to use professional software in order to follow the latest news as it happened. They then used their skills to plan, research and design their own front page for a broadsheet newspaper. 

Abi-May Cockram said:

I enjoyed learning about current stories within today’s society and turning them into a news report of my own.

Lily Coady said:

My favourite bit was editing my front page to add appropriate pictures and captions.

Riley Coulthard said:

I really enjoyed learning about the different features of a newspaper, one day I hope to become a journalist.

Throughout the day Margaret Holbourne, who led the session, commented with amazement at the focus, hard work and aptitude for journalism our students had. In particular, she commented in astonishment when one student, Lewis Barrigan, identified a necessary omission from headlines that “students in sixth form sessions fail to recognise”. She went on to express at the end of the day how impressed she was with the students’ fantastic behaviour, saying they were ‘a credit to the school’. 

Miss Styles, English teacher who led the trip was beaming with pride at the sophisticated, professional and well-researched work produced by the students as well as their exemplary behaviour throughout. 

Hopefully, some of the students have been inspired to pursue a career in journalism

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