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Tafari house is named so after Liverpudlian poet, Levi Tafari. Tafari has been described as a crucial, rhythmic, poetic consciousness raiser and has performed his work (self-described as "Duboetry") internationally.

The colour associated with Tafari house is blue, which can be found on the ties of students belonging to the house.

Levi Tafari

Tafari on Hope Street

The Tafari House Team are dedicated to providing the best in Pastoral Support for our pupils. It is our aim to make sure that the pupils in our care feel safe, happy and supported in school. We hope to do this by inspiring and encouraging pupils to push themselves to achieve great things.

The Tafari House Staff are:

House Leader: Mr McIntyre

House Manager: Miss Walsh

The Tafari House Form Tutors are:

General Tutor: Miss Whittleston

Tutor Group 7: Mr Grant & Miss Brooks

Tutor Group 8: Miss Boardman & Mr Elliott

Tutor Group 9: Miss McKevitt & Miss Loh/Miss Holton

Tutor Group 10: Miss Holmes & Miss Weatherby

Tutor Group 11: Mr Townson

Tutor Group 12: Miss O’Keefe

Tutor Group 13: Miss Pauline

The Tafari House Academic Mentors are:

Mrs Richards, Mrs Johnson & Mrs Leonard-dodd