Browne House

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About Browne

Browne house is named after childrens author Anthony Browne. He is well known for his short stories and fascinating illustrations.

The colour associated with Browne house is red, which can be found on the tie’s of students belonging to the house.

The Browne House Staff are:

House Leader: Miss Porschke

House Manager: Miss Hignett

The Browne House Form Tutors are:

Tutor Group 7SGY/SMY: Ms Gallwey & Miss Moneypenny

Tutor Group 8SSH/RCY: Mr Smyth & Miss Castrey

Tutor Group 9ARN/LRY: Miss Rugen & Miss Ray

Tutor Group 10KCN/SSS: Miss Carden & Miss Styles

Tutor Group 11DSE/SRR: Mr Sharpe & Miss Rosser

Tutor Group 12JFN: Miss Finigan

Tutor Group 13SDN: Mr Donegan

The Browne House Academic Mentors are:

Miss Crowder, Mr Bird & Miss Smith

The Browne House Student Representatives are:

Year 8: Katy Woods

Year 9: Max Dwyer

Year 10: Callum Ellis

Year 11: Lauren Mather