Budding Lawyers at OBA

Thirteen Year 9 students from Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy took part in the’ Magistrates’ Mock Trial Competition’ on Saturday 9th March, at Warrington Magistrates’ Court. After battling it out with five other North West schools in two local heats, OBA’s budding lawyers were runners-up and they each received a medal, a certificate and returned home with a well-deserved trophy!

Law Competition

From left: Rebecca Fearn, Danielle Bradley, Chloe Goff, Lauren Skiffington, Danielle McGough, Ellie Ashton, Kaitlin Falconer, Darren Holland, Brad Wright, Jacob McCaffrey, Keerah Watts and Anthony Lea.

In the build-up to the competition, students prepared a prosecution and defence case against a fictitious defendant , Morgan Cruickshank, a young man supposedly charged with criminal assault, and he was brilliantly played by Jake McCaffrey from Year9. He was represented by defence lawyers Danielle McGough and Chloe Goff , supported by their witness Brad Wright . The prosecution lawyers Keerah Watts and Jade Smith, with the support of the prosecution witnesses included Lauren Skiffington and Kaitlin Falconer, worked hard to bring a strong case against him.

The Magistrates hearing the case included Year 9 students, Chair Anthony Lea, Rebecca Fearn and Ellie Ashton . Danielle Bradley, whose role was to act as Legal Adviser, made sure they were guided on the correct points of law, whilst court procedure was rigorously followed and monitored by Court Usher Darren Holland.

Miss Rachel Dutton, Teacher of Law, said “I am extremely proud of our students and how much they have achieved in such a short amount of time. It is not always easy to perform so well in such a formal setting but each one of them presented in a truly confident and professional manner. Many are already considering studying this subject at A Level and beyond. They have promising times ahead!”