A-Level Results 2012

New horizons for students at Bolingbroke.

Students and teachers at Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy have been celebrating the success of their first A-Level results. The sixth form, which was established in 2010, enjoyed a staggering set of results last year with the Yr 12 students achieving well above national average. A year later, the hardworking Yr13 have not been disappointed. A staggering 100% pass rate was achieved in all subjects from History to Fine Art.

For many of the students their next step is now to start packing for their new lives at University.

Corey Mullaney, who achieved 2A* and 2 Bs is heading to Manchester to study photography. “Staying here was the best decision I ever made. I want to thank not just my subject teachers, but all the staff at the Academy who have made the last two years unforgettable”.

A-Level Results

Karen Fox, who achieved A*, A, A is looking forward to studying Sport in Liverpool. “Team GB were triumphant. But I think Team OB also deserve gold medals this summer.”

Head of sixth form Joan Mooney stated “We’re very proud of our first Yr 13s of Bolingbroke Sixth Form and I think they’ve more than proved themselves. For many of them, University was just a dream a couple of years ago, something they thought was out of reach, now it’s a reality. We’ve all worked hard, they’ve taken the many opportunities given to them and I predict a very bright future for the Leavers of 2012. We shall miss them!”

Not to be outdone, the Yr 12s have also racked up an impressive set of results across all subjects.

Katie Tyler who achieved 2 As and 2 Bs said “The Yr 13s have set the bar, but our year group are showing they are ready to take the challenge”.

The Academy’s sixth form has more than doubled in size since opening and next year is offering even more courses, from a wide selection of traditional A-Levels to Equine Studies and various Apprenticeships.

A-Level High flyers:

Kim Bangs A*, A*, A, C Laura Bentley A, A, A Tom Morgan A, A, D
Sarah Price A*, B, C David McAdam, A, A, C Alex Howard, A, A, C
Lauren Holten A*, A, C Liam Dougan A*, A*, C Kayleigh Thompson A*, A, B, C
Ryan Fleming A, A, C Jordan Dwyer A, A, C Abby Connor A*, A*, D
Corey Mullaney A*, A*, B, B Karen Fox A*, A, A Adam Crane A*, B, B, C
Jess McFayden A*, A*, C