Catalyst Discovery Centre Trip

On Tuesday 14th June 25 pupils from years 7 and 8 visited the Catalyst Science Discovery centre as part of their ‘Science at Work’ week. The aim of the visit was to make the science they had learned in the classroom this year relevant to the real world.

Our key stage 3 pupils started the day in the interactive 3D theatre and followed a journey of the recycling of an Aluminium drinks can. Our students voted on the questions they wanted to ask the scientists involved in the recycling process and tested their knowledge during the interactive quiz. Finally in the theatre we got the chance to think about science of the future by designing a 3D virtual pod car.

Catalyst Science Trip - 3D glasses Catalyst Science Trip2 - recyling

Later in the day we had the opportunity to meet scientists from all walks of life and our pupils had fun dressing up in the clothes that scientists wear at Novelis recycling plant.

Catalyst Science Trip - clothing Catalyst Science Trip - Novelis

They also had the chance to get hands-on around the stalls of various companies. Our students made thermo plastic objects with the help of Solar Impulse, competed in a water challenge with Scottish and Southern Energy and played games with Total Petrochemicals, who were there to demonstrate the uses of polyethylene within our everyday lives.

Catalyst Science Trip - polyethelene

To finish off the day we spent time in the laboratories at Catalyst with a company called Pentagon and saw how real life scientists use acids, alkalis, solids and liquids in their everyday jobs. Pupils had the opportunity to use their existing knowledge and build upon it by seeing the bigger picture of the science all around us.

Catalyst Science Trip - Science Catalyst Science Trip - laboratories

Pupil Quotes:

I liked parts of the whole day. Meeting scientists was amazing! The day gave me new information and knowledge about science. -Tony Lea.

I thought the day was very adventurous. We learned new things and had great fun… We explored the museum with smiles. -Rebecca Fearn.

I thought that the day was educational and fun-packed. We learned things at the same time as having fun. I loved it! -Danielle McGough.

The trip was really fun because there was a 3D show and I learned more science facts and saw amazing things like dry water. -Chloe Goff.

I thought it was really good and interesting too. I would definitely go again because each room had different things to do and I learned a lot about chemicals and recycling. -James O’Day.