Wizard of Oz Production

Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy proudly presents a classic masterpiece of stage and screen : The Wizard of Oz.
The Dance and Performing Arts Staff have assembled a cast of enthusiastic and talented students to undertake this stage production which is set to captivate audiences over 4 nights.

Wizard of Oz Poster

Poster designed by 6th former Corey

The production begins its run on 6th December @ 1.00pm for Primary Schools.

Then from the 7th – 10th December @ 7.00pm for the general public.

Tickets are available from Student Reception at breaks and lunch times from the 22nd November at a cost of £3.

Tickets also available from Staff Reception

Three of the cast members - Matthew Watson as 'Hickory' and 'Tough Guy', Charlotte Shrimpton as 'The Wicked Witch' and Joe Bellis as 'Uncle Henry' and 'Oz'