The ECM day on the 24th October was fantastic! In summary the theme of the day was ‘Make a Positive Contribution’ and our students were all involved in activities to help others and improve their own community. Some of the outstanding points of the day:

– Year 11 girls had a workshop about Breast Cancer Awareness and then spent the day engaged in activities to raise money for this excellent cause. This including making cupcakes and pink headbands which we then sold to younger students

– 28 of our students went to local care homes / primary schools to volunteer. It was their first experience of volunteering and although nervous before they went they returned saying what a fantastic time they had and how it changed their perceptions of volunteering. One student now wants to work with the youth service and volunteer on a more regular basis. The staff at the venues were also incredibly impressed by our students! Some quotes from our students include:

I really enjoyed volunteering at Beechcroft Care Centre, something that benefitted me today was seeing that the residents really appreciated and enjoyed our company”
– Christy Bellis Year 10
By the end I didn’t want to leave”
– Georgia McCormick Year 10

– Year 10 worked with the Teenage Cancer Trust. TCT commented on the outstanding workshops delivered by our staff and the quality of the work produced by our students.

– Year 9 students worked with BTCV to set up our brand new allotment!

– Year 9 students worked with a trainee surveyor using innovative ‘Google sketch up technology’ to help redesign our school playground to make it more community and pupil friendly. Their ideas will all be taken into account when we look at upgrading the school grounds.

ECM Day Pic Alt Text

Looks serious!

– Year 8 took part in a range of workshops focusing on bullying. By the end of the day they had produced drama performances, dance performance, written poetry and designed anti bullying badges (pupils voted for the winning badge and this will be turned into a badge for our OBA students). All performances and work were presented to the rest of year eight and year 10.

– Year Seven spent the day researching different charities and then voting for which charity they wanted to support. They then competed to see who could make the longest line of pennies (they had been collecting for weeks) One form alone made £26 for charity from 1 and 2 pence pieces!