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e-safety for parents

The world of digital technology moves at an incredible pace. For young people growing up in this environment, it may feel perfectly natural to interact with the latest technology and to become immersed in the online world. The challenge for parents is to ensure that their children enjoy the huge benefits of the Internet safely and responsibly.

E-Safety is of high priority at OBA and all students receive advice and guidance appropriate to their age and digital literacy education. As well as learning about E-Safety in their ICT lessons, students get more targeted input during assemblies, the Lessons for Life Curriculum, impact days and cross-curricular learning.

What can I do to ensure my child stays safe online?

  1. Download the Safer Schools App totally free of charge. Enter our school name and the access code 7675.
  2. Hold frequent conversations about what your son/daughter does online and set boundaries for what is acceptable and what is not.
  3. Ensure your child’s privacy settings are secure.
  4. Check that your child does not interact with unwanted individuals online.
  5. Advise your child about the dangers to their safety and reputation by their online actions
  6. Develop a culture where your son/daughter acts online as they would in person – not being disrespectful or a ‘keyboard warrior’.
  7. Ensure your child does not spend too much time online.
  8. Teach your son/daughter that not everything they see online is reliable.
  9. Educate your child to never share personal information or images online.
  10. Ensure your child reports anything concerning online to a trusted adult.

Userful websites and organisations:

The following information has been designed to help you to understand more about today’s most important e-safety issues, provide you with practical steps that you can take to keep your children safe online and offer ideas for starting discussions with your children about the responsible use of social media