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Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy



curriculum structure

The academy delivers our curriculum over a one-week cycle. There are 25 lessons per week with 5 lessons and one tutorial period each day. We deliver our personal development and wellbeing curriculum to all years through the Lessons For Life program, tutor periods, assemblies and one-off events. We offer extensive extracurricular enrichment each day where students have the opportunity to engage with academic intervention and support, and to participate in a wide variety of clubs and groups.


  • Throughout KS3 pupils are separated into two broadly equal bands, ‘O’ and ‘B’. O-Band has a top set and in B there is a nurture group. In all other groups, students are set by prior attainment in mathematics, languages and science and in more mixed groups for humanities, physical education and the creative curriculum.
  • On average we have 27 students per class except the “Nurture Group” which has approximately 15.
    • We continue to run a “Nurture Group” in Key Stage 3 for our students who come to us from primary without yet meeting the expected standard for literacy and numeracy at Key Stage 2. Students are taught English and mathematics by specialist teachers and a teaching assistant with training of delivering a catch up curriculum. The aim of this approach is to up-skill pupils as much as possible in Key Stage 3 to enable them to close the attainment gap and be as prepared as possible with the demands of Key Stage 4. A nurture group in Year 7 and 8 helps to meet the additional needs of those pupils who struggle with the transition to secondary school and require more intensive intervention.  These students may have an EHCP or a particular SEND
  • In Years 7, 8 and 9 students study a curriculum of:
    • English
    • mathematics
    • science
    • geography
    • history
    • Spanish / French
    • physical education (P.E.)
    • design and technology
    • computing and business
    • music
    • art
    • drama
    • philosophy and religious education


  • In Year 10 and Year 11 all students study a core curriculum of:
    • English Literature and English Language
    • Mathematics
    • Combined Science (inc. modules in Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
    • PE (Core PE is based around essential health and fitness and does not lead to a qualification)
    • PSHE and Careers (delivered through tutor time and bespoke events)
  • Students personalise their curriculum by selecting further optional qualifications to study at Key Stage 4. We do not limit the curriculum choices for any of our students. All students receive guidance and are able to freely choose to study all available subjects including the English Baccalaureate (EBacc.) - which is achieved by completing qualification in English, mathematics, science, history/geography and Spanish. Other options such as separate science GCSEs in biology, chemistry and physics are also open to all regardless of prior attainment.
  • In Year 10 and 11 Students are placed into two bands of mixed prior attainment, O and B. The banding is used to increase timetabling flexibility to allow the greatest choice of qualification options delivered by subject specialists.


  • In Year 12 and 13 we offer a wide range of qualifications that allow our students to progress from their studies at KS4. There is a comprehensive range of A levels on offer and a variety of BTEC qualifications as well as opportunity to resist essential qualifications in mathematics and English.