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Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy


Year 7 - 11

Student Parliament

At the academy we want to empower our young people to take an active responsibility in the decision-making processes. Giving our students’ views weight is particularly important in the elimination of discrimination and prevention of bullying.


Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy has a Student Parliament who will benefit from increased rights and responsibilities. They will ensure that all our students’ voices are heard whilst developing their own leadership skills. The main role of the members is to bring the views of their peers to termly student Parliament meetings and feedback the outcome of democratic decisions. Download a copy of the latest minutes here. They are fantastic ambassadors for the school and regularly represent the Academy at open evenings, celebration and community focused events.

The Academy is currently split into 5 ‘House’ categories with students assigned to one of them when they first join the school. These Houses are named after prominent children’s writers Browne, Cottrell-Boyce, Nixon, Tafari and Wilson. Each of these also have a colour assigned to them (red, green, yellow, blue and purple respectively).

The Student Parliament is made up of representatives from each of these houses, with at least two pupils being elected from each form group in Years 7 – 11.