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Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy




Subject Overview

The study of science at OBA ensures that your son/daughter will be given the opportunity to develop their skills in all 3 science disciplines including: Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Throughout their science lessons students will practice: planning, thinking logically, working systematically, testing out ideas, finding and presenting evidence, understanding and conducting experiments and applying mathematical skills to a range of situations. All pupils have access to state-of-the-art fully-functioning science laboratories for their Science lessons. The recently refurbished science classrooms are equipped with a computer and an interactive whiteboard, full gas supply and sinks for practical work. Students will also be given the opportunity to use a range of practical equipment to complete the practical elements of their course from Key Stage 3 right up to Key Stage 5.

Staff Role

Mr N Cleator

Curriculum Leader of Science

Miss K Wainwright

Mr J Wynne

Mr S Easton

Mr J Houslay

Mr C Kendrick

Miss S Williams

Miss N Jackson

Mrs L Martin

Miss E Hawkens

Mr A Murray

Assistant Curriculum Leader of Science

Assistant Principal – Teacher of Science

Vice Principal – Teacher of Science

Teacher of Science / Head Salad

Teacher of Science

Teacher of Science

Teacher of Science

Teacher of Science / Health and Social Care / Childcare

Teacher of Science

Teacher of Science





Year 7

Students will cover many topics in their first year studying science at OBA including:


Cells, microscopes, the human body and ecosystems.


Atoms, elements and acids and alkalis.


Fuels, electricity, forces and sound.

Year 8

Building on their first year of study, students will move on to further their skills in:


Digestion, plants, breathing and disease.


Pollution, the Periodic Table, metals and Earth materials.


Changes in state, pressure, light, energy, Earth and space.

Year 9

Building on the previous two years students will be exposed to:


Cells and microscopes


Health and Disease

Transport and circulatory system 


States of matter

Separating mixtures 

Atomic structure






All students at Key Stage 4 are given the opportunity to study GCSE Combined Science, to achieve 2 full Science GCSE’s. Students will start the course in year 10 and complete the course at the end of year 11.

Students will have 4 lessons of study per week and will sit 6 exams at the end of Year 11 (2 – Biology, 2- Chemistry and 2- Physics) each exam lasting a total of 1hour 10 minutes.

Those high achieving students with a real interest in Science will have the opportunity to study Triple Science. Students will have a total of 6 hours of study and will also sit 6 exams at the end of Year 11 (2 – Biology, 2- Chemistry and 2- Physics) each exam lasting a total of 1hour 45minutes.


There are a plethora of subjects that students can continue to study in sixth form related to the Sciences. Students have the opportunity to complete 2 year linear A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, for which students results are based on 100% examination.

There is also the option for students to cover Applied Science which places a real emphasis on the wider applications of science and is a coursework based course.

Students with an interest in nursing, social care or midwifery to name just a few would also benefit from our Health and Social care and Child Development courses that are offered.

Enrichment and Support

The department offers a Key Stage 3 science club (also open to primary students of local schools) and STEM club where the overarching theme is to have fun, meet like-minded scientists and explore new practical techniques and equipment.

The department also offers clubs such as Intrepid Explorers, Team Innovation and opportunities to take part in exciting ventures such as The Brilliant Club and much more. 

Every week after school and on varying days during half terms we also offer a KS4 revision opportunity to re-cover exam content or to practice exam technique in small groups.

Throughout each of their school years, students will also have the opportunity to partake in a range of educational visits including, The Big Bang Fair, Jodrell Bank, Chester Zoo and University lectures to name just a few!

Quote from Head of Department

“The most important thing is never to stop questioning”.

Here at OBA our science staff are here to support and nurture students to become inquisitive, driven, competent scientists with a desire to always learn more!”

Mr Cleator