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Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy


Remote Learning

Remote Learning

We are now offering live teaching to students in the form of live streams using Google Meet and interactive lessons which will take place on Microsoft Teams.

To participate in a live stream lesson, students need to access the live stream link which will be shared with them by their teacher. Such links will be shared on Google Classroom. Students can then simply copy and paste this link to the Internet and join the lesson. I would recommend that students use Google Chrome as their web browser for doing this.


To join an interactive virtual lesson, students will use Microsoft Teams – as they would do to access email go to and sign in using their school email address and password. Once students have followed the above steps, they should select ‘Teams’ from the list of software available. Scheduled interactive lessons will appear on student calendars. Students need to select the calendar, click on the scheduled lesson and choose ‘join’. Again, Google Chrome is the recommended browser for this. Please also note that Microsoft Teams can be downloaded as a desktop app or as an app for smartphones.


Please see below a letter providing further detail of our provision (attached) and also a video providing guidance information on all of the above.

please refer to this letter for full details






The academy is currently in the process of rolling out the use of Google Classroom as our preferred method of remote learning in the event that our students and staff are unable to attend school following a closure.

All staff and students should have a school google account with a username that is the same as their school email and their usual network login. e.g.

Staff and student passwords have recently been reset in bulk and this information has been shared internally in school. If you are experiencing problems logging in to Google Classroom please contact

Google Classroom requires students to "sign up" to individual classes using unique class codes. Only students and staff of OBA will be able to access the online classroom. We have created an overall classroom for each academic year group which contains codes to all other classes to join.

The codes for each year group are:

Sixth form: 6b2jwhg

Year 11: hsjafoh

Year 10: vxfwwdj

Year 9: occwkpp

Year 8: 7nx3phw

Year 7: fbaozap

In the event of a closure, staff will be posting work on a regular basis. Staff will also be available to send and receive messages from students securely using subject specific online classrooms.

Paper based alternatives will be made available for students who do not have internet access.

Please watch the clips below for guidance of how to edit and hand in online assignments on your phone and on a laptop: