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Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy


Remote Learning

Remote Learning

Remote Learning for Students –

All students have log in details for Google Classrooms and used this platform during Summer Term 2020 lockdown. If they need to refresh their memory on how to access the work, please use the link below to access a short video tutorial


Once students have logged into Google Classrooms, they will input the unique code for their class to access the work set by their classroom teachers. The codes are listed in the attached sheet.

Google Classroom Codes Y12

Google Classroom Codes Y13

During remote learning, the work for all subjects will be organised into Google Classroom classes. The classes have been set up appropriately for the 2020-21 academic year and the old classes used during lockdown will be archived. Each subject will provide pre-recorded sessions and resources / assessments that support learning. All work set will be a continuation of the content taught in September and will go in line with the right curriculum – it is paramount, therefore, that students complete the work set and do not fall behind. The responses are to be submitted via Google Classrooms and appropriate feedback will be provided by classroom teachers. 


During Remote Learning, it is vital that all students regularly check their emails as the main means of communication with the school and log into Google Classroom. To log into email, students need to go to and sign in using their school email address and password. 

Student  email  addresses  are surnameforename@ob‐  e.g.  bloggsjoe@ob‐

Once  students have followed the above steps, they should select ‘Outlook’ from the list of software available.


For issues  regarding  passwords for  either  school  accounts  or  Google  Classroom,  please  email 

passwords@ob‐ to seek assistance.


If any students have got questions about the work set, they should contact their classroom teachers either via Google Classrooms or email. 


If any students have got pastoral concerns, they should contact their Form Tutors or Head of Year either via email or Google Classrooms.