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Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy



PE AND Sport


The vision statement for the Physical Education department reflects the Academy’s motto of ‘Dare to Shine’ whilst promoting the core values of pride, resilience, bravery and respect whilst preparing students for further education and employment. Our vision incorporates and supports the goals of the Halton Children, Young People and Families Plan (2018-2021) to improve the health and wellbeing of children. The intent of the Physical Education curriculum is to develop our student’s life skills to provide them with a future of opportunity and choice. Our aim is for students to build a range of transferable skills within the aspects of sports leadership, personal fitness, leading a healthy active lifestyle and improving their own and others performance. We aim to deliver high-quality teaching and learning opportunities that inspire all of our students to lead a healthy active lifestyle. Our curriculum will provide students the opportunity to cooperate and collaborate with others whilst working as part of a team as well as a leader. Students will learn and apply the British Values of fairness and equality.  We aim to develop the students’ knowledge, skills and capabilities necessary for mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing. Our belief is that providing holistic experiences will allow students to focus beyond examination classes to gain a broad spectrum sports based education. Our Physical Education programme incorporates a variety of sports, qualifications and extra-curricular opportunities to ensure all students develop confidence and tolerance of their own and others strengths and weaknesses. Our curriculum is more than developing skills and competences in a series of sports, it develops life skills and wellbeing. Most importantly our objective is to ensure the learning and benefits of Physical Education last a lifetime to allow students to gain improved health and well being from participation in sports.

Subject Overview

“The delivery of Physical Education and Sport”, “Students experience a breadth of activities and also gain knowledge and understanding of various sports, coupled with the principles of leading a healthy lifestyle. Students are taught through the OBA philosophy of ‘Play, Coach, Referee, Fit4life’ an internally designed teacher toolkit aimed to increase coaching and leadership opportunities in lessons which has been constructed from the National Curriculum for Physical Education.



Pupils have access to a range of facilities in the sports department. We are lucky to have two sports halls, a gymnasium with trampolines, a swimming pool, 3 astro pitches, 3 grass pitches, tennis courts and our own fitness suite. The sports department have their own classroom with laptops and ipads to further improve sporting knowledge and learning.






In year 7, students study a wide range of games and physical activities that harness their motor skills and competencies. They are also introduced into basic leadership and coaching skills throughout the year. This helps them to verbally articulate and assess their own and each other’s performance and areas for development.

In year 8, students build on their programme of study from year 7 and experience a wide range of skills and activities that are designed to improve their fitness and coordination. The students also experience coaching and leading others in new and unfamiliar activities. This aims to develop confidence and self-esteem, coupled with an affinity for lifelong learning in sport.

In year 9, Students will embed the physical development and skills learnt in Year 7 and 8. They will become competent, confident and expert in their techniques and apply them across different sports and physical activities. They will understand what makes a performance effective and how to apply these principles to their own and others work. They will develop the confidence and interest to get involved in exercise and sport. Students will all complete the Level 1 Sport Leaders Award where they will develop and gain a qualification for leading in Sport.


Pupils will be have an option of GCSE Physical Education or BTEC Sport diploma.

The Btec Sport Diploma is a vocational, highly practical course.  All of the units give practical, hands on experience of many differing sports industries.  Pupils will study, Unit 1 fitness for Sport and Exercise (external exam), Unit 2 practical sports performance, Unit 5 Training for Personal Fitness and Unit 6 Leading Sports Activities.

The GCSE Physical Education course involves studying main concepts such as: the cardiovascular system, the musco-skeletal system, fitness testing, fitness training, performance analysis, sport sociology, sport psychology and elite sports performance pupils gain real understanding of relevant issues in sport science. The course is a real foundation for those looking for a career in sport, or those who simply just enjoy physical education. 

The Core PE pathway allows students to tackle complex and demanding physical activities. The activities that will participate in will develop personal fitness and promote an active healthy lifestyle. Students will understand and apply the long term health benefits of physical activity to their lives out side of school. Students will pick from the following in lessons: Creative Me – gymnastics, dance, trampoline, parkour Healthy Me – fitness, boxercise, spin bikes, fitness suite, weights, aerobics, Competitive Me – ball & bat games, team games, individual games.


Btec level 3 Diploma in Sport is a stimulating and challenging vocational course for students who intend to study for a degree or follow a career in sport and recreation. A wide range of sporting topics are covered over the two years: Anatomy & Physiology, The Physiology of Fitness, Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise, Practical Individual /Team Sport, Assessing Risk in Sport, Work Experience in Sport, Fitness Testing and Programming, Sports Development and Sports Coaching.

Btec Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Sport or the Btec level 3 National Diploma in Sport are stimulating and challenging vocational course for students who intend to study for a degree or follow a career in sport and recreation. A wide range of sporting topics are covered over the two years: Anatomy & Physiology, Fitness Training & programming for Health, Sport & Well being, Professional Development in the Sports Industry, Sports Leadership, Skill Acquisition in Sport, Practical Sport, Sports Events Organiation, Sports Psychology. There are three mandatory units that are external examinations.


There are a wide range of enrichments for pupils in the PE Department. Team sports are very popular such as Netball, Football, Rugby, Handball and Basketball. Individual Sports also are participated well at OBA with Indoor and outdoor athletics, trampoline, gymnastics, taekwondo, badminton and fitness.


There are a range of support sessions that run after school for pupils in all of the three key stages. Additional revision classes are available for all students before they sit their GCSE. There are also a range of coursework clubs to ensure students are up-to-date with all their work.


“Physical Education, the only subject that makes your heart race”

Miss McAuliffe
Head of Department