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Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy



New Students

To make sure that students settle into Academy life we have a comprehensive transition and induction package for each child.

As well as arranging lots of exciting opportunities for primary pupils to visit the academy and spend time here, we also have a fantastic team of teachers who go out to work with children in our local primary schools. To provide an insight into secondary school life, primary pupils regularly undertake taster and project days where they experience a range of subjects including English, Maths, Dance, Drama, Art, PE, Textiles, Science and Technology and use the school’s impressive new facilities to bring their learning to life.

Pupil with test tube

Mrs Snagg is our Associate Assistant Principal for Transition and she works closely with your child’s Year Six teacher in the run up to their move to the academy. Mrs Snagg finds out everything we need to know to ensure that your child is placed in the right house and form group as well as an academic set which meets their needs and provides the right level of challenge and support.

Please keep your eye out for dates of Transition Drop-In sessions held both at the academy and in our local primary schools.

We understand that a move part-way through the school year can be especially daunting and therefore a tailored package of support is put in place accordingly. Your child will remain in the same house throughout their time at the OBA and each house will encourage students to care for themselves, their peers and the community we live and work in. The academy has a very strong pastoral system and all students have the full support of their Form Tutor, Pastoral Manager and Head of Year on a daily basis.

Please contact Mrs Snagg on 01928 711643 for any further questions you may have about your child’s move to the academy.