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Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy




Subject Overview

The study of music is beneficial to children and adults of all ages and here at OBA we aim to spark and nurture passions for music in all our students by developing skills in performing, composing and appraising music.  Students are offered a wide range of internal and external opportunities to perform, helping to improve key transferable skills such as resilience, confidence, team work, increased memory and emotional development.


Name Role

Mr K. Reid

Head of Music, Art & Photography
Mrs C. Cathcart Teacher of Music and Music Technology


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The Year 7

curriculum includes:

  • Keyboard skills
  • Guitar Skills
  • Singing
  • Kandinsky – cross-curricular topic with Art
  • Soundscapes
  • Notation and Arranging

The Year 8

curriculum includes:

  • Band skills
  • Music for Film and TV
  • Rap
  • Blues
  • Notation and Arranging
  • Pop orchestra
  • Remixing Skills


In Key Stage 4 students have the option to choose either GCSE Music (Performance) or NCFE Music Technology.  Both courses require enhanced listening skills and contain exams where you are required to identify specific features and elements in a wide variety of musical styles. 

The GCSE course also contains practical and composition elements where students will be expected to perform 2 pieces on their chosen instrument to a Grade 4 standard, in addition to composing 2 pieces of music in class. 

The NCFE qualification does not contain a performance element and is instead focussed on developing the practical knowledge and understanding surrounding 4 key areas – using a digital audio workstation, creating music, recording music and sound creation methods within media.


Within KS3 lessons we have class sets of guitars and keyboards and can also support class tuition in singing, bass guitar and drums.  In our Music Technology classroom we have 18 iMac computers with the latest Sibelius and Logic Pro software to support multiple types of composition at KS4 and 5, in addition to running Ableton for our DJ students.  Furthermore we have a fully equipped Recording Studio and 4 practice rooms that allow our students to develop and reach their potential while studying in the department.


We run a varied programme of enrichments at OBA which students can attend to support their learning on a new instrument or to develop their current progression.  These include ensembles such as Choir, Swing Band and Orchestra or opportunities for solo development such as Keyboard club.  All enrichments build towards many of our annual showcases and themed performances throughout the year.


At OBA we are very proud to offer our instrumental lessons free-of-charge for all Key Stages and additionally run a free instrument loan scheme to allow students to take instruments home to practise for the duration of their studies.  Our peripatetic instructors are intrinsic to the Music team and offer tuition in all rock/pop instruments as well as orchestral instruments, singing, DJ and music production.  The faculty staff work very closely with instrumental instructors to ensure that every student is supported in their development from Years 7-13, offering additional targeted intervention for students studying GCSE to ensure they achieve, and exceed their potential.


@OBAMusicArt – Twitter account

Quote from Head of Department

“We’re awesome… come join us!”