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Inclusion & SEND

Inclusion and Special Educational Needs & Disability Support

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Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Contacts and Responsibilities


The Inclusion team, comprising of SEND, pastoral, and attendance teams, work in collaboration to support students within the academy. The Inclusion Team are a dedicated, friendly, patient, enthusiastic and approachable professional team who aim to give every child the very best chance to succeed by removing barriers to learning and preparing them for a happy and successful future.

The code of practice states that “all teachers are teachers of SEND students”, providing an appropriate, inclusive and high quality education to all our students. At OBA all students are expected to participate in every aspect of school life to give them a broad and balanced academic and social curriculum, which is accessible to them and that they should be fully included in all aspects of academy life.

Most of our students with SEND have their needs met as part of high quality teaching. This may include teachers differentiating learning to enable all students to have access to the curriculum. In some cases, personalised learning plans and/or interventions will be provided by the academy. If a student is identified (through the assessment process) as having special educational needs, their teachers and SENCO will consider everything we know about the student to determine the support that they need and remove their barriers to learning. Where additional provision for SEND is needed, we work with students and their families to plan the package of support to put in place.

Each student is unique and there are a wide spectrum of special educational needs that are frequently interrelated; however, students will have needs and requirements that fall into at least one of these four broad areas of need:

  • Communication & Interaction
  • Cognition & Learning
  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties
  • Sensory and/or Physical Needs

The Pastoral Staff at OBA work to support student progress through a year group system. Under the leadership of the Vice Principal for Pastoral Care, it is the responsibility of the Year Leader to lead their teams in scrutinising student academic progress as well as supporting their social and emotional well-being. All Year Leaders have taken on the responsibility for coordinating the support of our most vulnerable students in order to close the gaps; this includes monitoring attendance, punctuality, academic achievement, enrichment, effort and behaviour very closely.

There are many additional adults who contribute to the support of students in the Academy. These may include additional agencies such as; CAMHS, EWS, Educational Psychologists, Health Workers, Social Services, SALT, Special Educational Needs Services, Youth Offending Teams, Young Cares, Head Salad, NGage, Night Stop etc. The Academy works in partnership with parents/carers and liaises closely with other services to produce a systematic and coordinated response to support students with SEND and operates on a basis of secure data, effective communication, supportive intervention and challenge.

The quality of teaching is the most important factor in ensuring all students make progress. We regularly review the quality of teaching in the academy and ensure that teachers are able to identify how individual students learn best and what support they need.

We test the effectiveness of our SEND provision by checking student progress, to see if the agreed goals and outcomes for students are being met. Teachers work with SENCO, parents, carers and students to make sure SEND support is adapted or replaced by another approach if it is not being effective.