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Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy




Subject Overview

ICT is designed to develop your child’s knowledge of current software.  They learn how to use multiple different software which have different designed purposes.  

Pupils develop skills of using the Microsoft Office suit as well as creative software such as Photoshop, Serif and Flash.


Name Role

Mrs Hook

Miss Dutton

Miss Goodwin

Miss Houghton

Mr Milne



Pupils can access an extensive range of software on all networked computers
Pupils can access the IT rooms after school each night where subject specialist can assist. 
Pupils can take work home by using their school email.  


Year 7 Curriculum

Autumn Term: 

  • Software skill building
  • Endangered animals

Spring Term: 

  • apps
  • Graphics

Summer Term:

  • website
  • Micro Bit

Year 8 Curriculum

Autumn Term: 

  • Logo, Business Card & Leaflet
  • Websites

Spring Term:

  • Python

Summer Term:  

  • Virtual reality
  • Game maker


Pupil’s study the CiDA qualification in year 10 and the GCSE ICT in year 11. 

GCSE – 60% coursework using digital products and a 40% written exam on using digital devices and living in a digital world

CiDA – creative certificate in digital applications – pupils create a website to meet a brief in a practical exam and complete coursework to a design brief for the further 75%. 


Pupils study the BTREC ICT qualification where they study different units of work over the 2 year study period.

 Pupils complete practical elements and are assessed in topics such as Databases, spreadsheets, graphics, human computer interaction, E-commerce, computer systems and software systems. 


Revision classes are available for all students before they sit GCSE Exam and the practical exam.  There are allocated revision session both after school and of a Saturday in preparation for external exams. 

There is a digital enrichment club for KS3 where they can use different software such as Scratch, graphics, I can animate and the Xbox to further develop their technical skills.    


There are KS3 drop in session in the week for pupils to catch up on the computers or complete their classwork and homework.  Additional revision classes are available for all students before they sit the GCSE external exam and the practical assessment.