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Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy


Year 7 - 11


There are 5 Houses at OBA and each house is named after a notable writer; either of children’s fiction, or a local writer who has achieved prominence.

Browne House

Achieve the Best You Can

Browne House is named after author Anthony Browne who is well known for his short stories and fascinating illustrations. The Head of House is Mrs S Powell and the House Leaders are Miss Z Porschke and Miss S Moneypenny.

Cottrell-Boyce House

Inspiration, Dedication, Success

Cottrell-Boyce House is named after author and screen writer Frank Cottrell-Boyce who was born in Liverpool. The Head of House is Mrs S Oulton and the House Leaders are Miss N Fleetwood and Mr J Barrett.

Nickson House

Nickson – Go for Gold

Nickson House is named after television screenwriter Susan Nickson who was educated in Runcorn. She is best known for her work on Runcorn based ‘Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps’. The Head of House is Mr S Easton and the House Leader are Mrs P Stitch and Mrs J Fisher.

Tafari House

Tafari – Per Ardua Ad Alta

Tafari House is named after the Liverpudlian poet, Levi Tafari. Tafari has been described as a crucial, rhythmic, poetic consciousness raiser. The Head of House is Miss J Smith and the House Leaders are Mr G McIntyre and Miss G McKevitt.

Wilson House

Wilson – Dream, Believe, Achieve

Wilson House is named after Jacqueline Wilson, a well known author of children’s literature. Her novels have been adapted many times for television. The Head of House is Mrs M Wallace and the House Leaders are Miss R Dutton and Mr C Milne.


Each House is led by a Head of House and two House Leaders. All house teams strive to create communities where all students have a feeling of belonging. Students are placed into a House on entry to the Academy and are presented with a tie bearing their house colour. Similarly all staff, both teaching and non teaching, are placed in a house and are issued with OBA lanyards in their house colour. All houses have a motivating motto that permeates all assemblies and activities. House teams appoint student representatives to encourage leadership skills and develop confidence.

The House Teams concentrate mainly on inter-house competitions, charity work, community projects and rewards. In the inter-house competitions which take place every half term points are awarded each term for; inter-form sports activities, quizzes, spelling bee and maths magician competitions, 100% punctuality, 100% attendance, achievement of 1 & 2 for effort and behaviour. Celebration assemblies take place at the end of every term to celebrate student success and to award the Championship Cup for that term. The results for each term are accumulated and during the final celebration assembly in the Summer Term the overall House Champions are announced.