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Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy



Health & Social Care

Subject Overview

The health and social care sector is one of the largest sectors in the UK. It serves millions of people every day. It employs 1.8 million people at any given time. There is an increasing demand for employees in Health and Social care to have up to date, accredited qualifications. Here at OBA we have developed a suite of Health and Social courses that prepare the students to be highly desirable employees, preparing them for the journey ahead.

Our courses help to give the pupils an understanding of the range of settings in which health and social care take place. Students study the skills and principles of care required for a wide range of rewarding careers, such as, nursing, midwifery, social workers and paramedics

Tutors support the students, so that they can develop the skills and safeguarding procedures that are necessary to work professionally within the social care system.


The teachers on our Health and Social Care courses are highly qualified professionals. Alongside holding the relevant teaching qualifications, they also have relevant experience from vocational settings.

Name Role


Pupils can access an extensive range of resources linked to Health and social Care. All classrooms are equipped with a computer and an interactive whiteboard. There is also access to computer rooms to further develop the written work produced by the pupils.  

The school has strong links to The Liverpool Women’s Hospital, allowing the students to speak personally to a practicing midwife.


Students can opt to study Health and Social Care from year 9. This introduces students to the human life stages were all aspects of human development are studied. Health and Social care values, such as communication skills, person-centred care, influences on health and well-being and research into how health and well- being are promoted to the general public are also studied at this level..

Students achieve a Level 2 qualification, which will allows them to continue to Health and Social Care studies as you enter further education at either a sixth form college or apprenticeship


The course that is offered to sixth form students allows them to develop their knowledge of the health and social care industry further. Laws and legislation within the Health and Social Care sector are studied. Guest speakers from relevant industries are invited into the school to give their expertise guidance. Complimentary therapies is also studied at this level. This enables an insight into an ever increasing part of the industry. There is also a unit that delves into the study of the human body, this is vital to students who are going to work in careers such as paramedics, midwife’s or other nursing departments.

This course is an excellent foundation for Students who are looking for a rewarding, professional role in the health and social


Enrichment sessions are run on a weekly basis. These sessions allow students to ensure they are completely up to date with their folder work. Health and social Care specialists run these bespoke sessions.


All students are supported through their studies, regardless of their starting point. Our teachers are able to adapt and change to suit the needs of all students, guaranteeing each and every student the best qualifications possible.