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Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy




Subject Overview

Geography will enable all students to develop  map skills, interpreting photographs, fieldwork skills, presenting, role play and debating techniques. Along with improving literacy through report writing and written work and make practical use of numeracy skills when you interpret data and construct graphs.

“An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfilment.”

Sir David Attenborough.


Name Role

Mr M Chiles

Head of Geography

Miss A Connolly

Mr C Butcher



The Geography department has a wide range of additional reading resources for students to access to support deeper learning of the subject. The three classrooms have interactive whiteboards and visualisers, along with a set of iPads for students to utilise to research places they are studying.


Year 7

  • Crumbling Coasts
  • Bollywood Dreams
  • Depleting Resources
  • Independent Investigation
  • Extreme Expedition

Year 8

  • Rapid Rivers
  • The Blue Planet
  • Geographical Issues
  • Independent Investigation
  • An Uneven World


The department follows the Edexcel A Specification, which includes the following topics throughout the three year course; UK landscapes, coastal landscapes, river landscapes, weather and climate, ecosystems, development, changing cities, resource management and two geographical investigations.


The department follows the Edexcel Specification for A-level, which includes the following topics throughout the two year course; coastal landscapes, tectonic landscapes, diverse places, water cycle and insecurity, carbon cycle and insecurity, globalisation, superpowers and an independent investigation.

There are a range of enrichment options available to all students from KS3 – KS5 including after school revision sessions every Monday (alternating between O and B bands). The department also run an after-school club for KS3 students who have been creating flags for their own country.


There are a range of support options for all students to develop their understanding of the subject. KS4 students have access to the Geography PiXL APP which they can use to practice exam style questions. The marks are automatically recorded allowing the teacher to review their progress and discuss the next steps.


  • BBC Bitesize
  • The Geographical

“The study of Geography will help all students to discover the processes behind the awe and wonder of the world we live in, whilst equally appreciating how we as humans are causing it to change rapidly.”

Mr Chiles