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Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy




Please find the details her of the current clubs that students at OBA can attend. This information was last updated on 23rd September 2021


How to get involved?

At Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy we know that every child is different and therefore has different interests and hobbies. Which is why we have a whole school enrichment programme that has grown each year and is there to introduce you to new clubs and develop your skills in these areas. So keep hold of this guide to OBA’s enrichment programme so you know exactly what is happening and GET ENRICHED!

Why should you get involved?

We think that you should get involved in enrichments for numerous reasons:

•             Find a subject you love and can’t get enough of

•             Learn new skills or develop existing ones

•             Meet new friends

•             Show off to the academy how good you are

•             Get rewarded for taking part

How do I get involved?

That’s simple! Have a read through this booklet, find the enrichment you are interested in and go to the club at the time it says! There is no need to sign up, just turn up! Don’t forget to let parents/ guardians know that you will be going to an enrichment that night.