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Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy


Year 7 - 11


Please click the link below to download our OBA Autumn Term Curriculum booklet

 OBA Autumn Curriculum Booklet

Vision for our Curriculum

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Our Curriculum is designed to enable our students to achieve their life goals, regardless of starting point, situation or background. We will support and challenge our students so they dare to shine, developing into resilient and respectful young adults. By following our curriculum students will be ready and fully equipped with the personal qualities, skills and knowledge for a happy and successful life full of opportunity.

We seek to achieve this through:

  • Recognising and celebrating that everyone is an individual
  • Building caring, trusting and positive relationships where students feel safe and valued
  • Instilling fairness and integrity and compassion in our students
  • Developing resilience, self-discipline, tolerance and respect

Curriculum Intent

Our intention is that all pupils make outstanding progress through a well planned and sequenced curriculum that removes any potential barrier to learning. At Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy, pupils will,

  • experience a bespoke broad, deep and knowledge rich seven year curriculum.
  • leave us with essential literacy and numeracy skills.
  • have high expectations for their achievement and behaviour.
  • develop healthy lifestyles - both physically and mentally.
  • participate in high quality enterprise and work-related learning.


Pupils experience a bespoke broad, deep and knowledge rich curriculum

The Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy Curriculum has been planned and sequenced by our subject specialist teams working in collaboration across the Ormiston Trust and beyond to ensure the highest quality.

At KS3, the curriculum is broad and students study a wide variety of subjects across the arts and sciences for their first three years with us. Learning builds upon pupils' individual starting points as they transition from primary to secondary education and we take care to ensure that new knowledge is gained and secured. In Year 10 and 11, when students have fulfilled their entitlement of study in each area of the KS3 curriculum they progress onto KS4. Here we are proud to not limit any students' choice in their bespoke curriculum - we offer the choice of separate sciences, modern foreign languages and the English Baccalaureate (EBacc.) to all regardless of prior attainment. Students receive expert guidance to help them make the right choices. This process continues into Year 12 and 13 where students continue their learning in our Sixth Form with the option of studying a wide range of A-Levels and vocational qualifications.


Pupils will be literate and numerate

Literacy and numeracy are the bedrock of our curriculum and all faculties within our academy share a passion for developing these essential skills. We recognise the importance in our students being highly literate and numerate to access all areas of our curriculum but to also prepare them for a happy working life. Students in Halton are in an area of high deprivation and pupils join us with depressed literacy and numeracy levels.  We have strong links with our feeder primary schools and run a robust transition program throughout the summer term and school holiday to begin the process of addressing this. Pupils who arrive below the expected standard are offered specialised catch up teaching of mathematics and English to rapidly build confidence. Every pupil receives expert teaching and support to reach their potential. Our Sixth Form continues to develop literacy and numeracy through access to study GCSE and Key Skills English and mathematics courses to our students and others who choose to join us in Year 12.


Pupils will have high expectations for their behaviour and achievement.

Through a clear structure, all staff reward, support and challenge on a daily basis throughout the whole school day. Our curriculum enables our pupils to develop into well-rounded and aspirational individuals who embody Fundamental British Values. Our behaviour policy encourages pupils to develop resilience, self-discipline, tolerance and respect; all qualities which link to our motto and encourage students to shine in a positive way. Our Academy is inclusive and ambitious for all. We expect all students, irrespective of their starting points to behave and excel.


Pupils will develop healthy lifestyles both physically and mentally.

At the academy we see every pupil as an individual.  We are proud that our wider work supports pupils to be confident, resilient and independent.  Our i-Zone and Ready to Learn Room provide a more nurturing environment for those students who require more support.  Additional needs are identified early and varying levels of support implemented to ensure that all pupils can succeed. Physical education is a core part of our curriculum and all years engage in physical activity through core (non-qualification) sport lessons. Our Lessons for Life Curriculum is delivered across all years in a rolling program that instils essential knowledge and subsequent skills to help students be safe and happy throughout their lives


Pupils will participate in high quality enterprise and work-related learning

Across all subjects pupils are able to see ‘The Bigger Picture’ and show that learning is linked to the real world and experiences. A strong CEIAG programme enriches the curriculum offer and helps to contextualise learning. Academic mentoring and a dedicated in school careers service help to address current and future priorities for pupils. We regularly hold career events allowing our students to build partnerships with employers and businesses, both locally, nationally and internationally. From Year 7, pupils receive careers information with a clear focus on the Gatsby benchmarks and this is supported through drop-down days and a focused careers programme. Over the course of 7 years, pupils receive a rigorous and bespoke aspirations program that exposes them to a huge range of voices and experiences.


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