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Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy




Subject Overview

Could you be Lord Sugar’s next apprentice? If so Business Studies might be the best option for you. You will study a range of topics in relation to both small businesses and large businesses including Business Ownership, Marketing, Finance and many more. The subject is taught in a practical way with guest speakers coming in from industry as well as going out to see how business works in the real world. The qualification is Edexcel BTEC Award/Certificate in Business Studies. The course will be assessed through coursework tasks, written assessments and an external examination. All topics are graded at pass, merit or distinction level. 


Name Role

Mrs Fitzgerald

(Head of Department)

Mr Fenner

Mr Hussey

Miss Dutton

Mrs Hook



We have fully equipped computer suits as well as a library of resources. The department has a vast amount of employer engagement opportunities to bring the subject to life. 


We deliver a BTEC Level 2 Business qualification graded Pass, Merit, Distinction. The units of study include a finance exam, a marketing unit of coursework as well as a unit on recruitment and section, finishing off with an enterprise unit.


We deliver a BTEC L3 Business qualification looking at all areas of Business. The qualification is very practical and you will go out into industry and experience how businesses operate.


We offer coursework clinic after school as well as extra support to help with the key terminologies in the finance unit of study.


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“Business is a great qualification to study because you can use it in whatever career you choose. It’s also a qualification that employer’s value so will give you an edge when applying for a job in the future.”

Mrs Fitzgerald, Head of ICT and Business