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Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy



Art & Music

Here at OBA we have a special place for supporting students to progress in the creative arts industry.  We have a number of creative and technically stimulating courses within the faculty with specialist designed areas and resources from Art, Photography and 3D design to Graphics, Music and Music Technology, all allowing for a fully inclusive curriculum to engage and inspire our next generation of creative artists.

Students study a full and wide-reaching curriculum in KS3 in both Art and Music and have each subject for one lesson a week.

This current model for 2016-17 will begin by building on key skill development and then using the specialism from our teaching staff to combine disciplines to create large-scale class projects, as well as crossover individual tasks. This will support the school’s ethos of developing real world application within their subject and show real application for such highly creative subjects.

In KS4 and KS5 the curriculum is split and students gain 2 lessons, and up to 5 classes a week, respectively, in their chosen subject area. Extra support is available with Art with specialised technicians and professionals working within the school to support student learning. Within music we are also able to offer expert tuition from the vast plethora of Music peripatetic staff on hand to give 1-2-1 music provisions at no extra cost.

We are very proud of how our subjects both intertwine and stand alone and we feel we offer and strong and varied curriculum model that supports each and every student to reach their potential.

Overview of Music

Since the opening of OBA, Music has grown into a vibrant and energetic department with students taking every opportunity to be around the music rooms taking part in everything from playing drums in rock bands to practicing pieces for their ABRSM and Rockschool exams.

Our ethos in Music is “Music’s for Everyone” and there is no doubt that the students have taken this mantra to heart, with fabulous music making being heard at every opportunity, whether it’s the early morning singing group or with mini performances at lunch and break from our up and coming DJs in the dining Hall.

This year we have secured fantastic result in Music Technology and continue to improve with GCSE Music year on year. We are delighted to welcome the new students in year 9 and look forward to hearing what these talented young musicians can bring to our ever growing musical family.

Furthermore, we are expanding both our yearly performance events and music releases so there are even more opportunities to experience the culture of OBA music. We are continuing with our successful rising star showcase for the up and coming performers. These will be small informal concerts which will give our younger students the opportunity to showcase their talents to smaller audiences.

In contrast to this we have now expanded the summer showcase event to THREE full events allowing for the academics, the rock bands and the DJ/ Tech students to showcase their talent! This is on top of the rotating performances in assemblies, KS5 showcases and the now running for the second year our festive jingle jam.

Another new event this year is our Music Fayre, where parents of students in key stage 4 and 5, in receipt of peripatetic lessons, have the chance to meet and greet the tutor responsible for enabling the student to reach their potential on their chosen instruments. We have now more tutors than ever, including a bass specialist and string teacher, both of whom add to the wealth of experience and knowledge already established in the music department.

Finally, with the addition of our growing singing superstars we are hoping to offer out the chance for the community to get involved too! If you’re interested in learning to sing in a choir, or just want to express yourself through your voice, please get in touch for more information.

KS3 Music Curriculums

Year 7 – over the course of year 7 students travel around the world for their musical experience. Starting in Japan creating musical representation of Japanese Art and poetry, and ending up in Africa, Learning about the many cultures of such an amazing continent, learning to sing in Swahili. They also learn about their closest major city, Liverpool, learn to play as part of a large ensemble and use our cutting edge Music Mac suite to compose and perform a selection of modern songs. Special projects will also run to allow a steady cross over from Art to music and vice versa and we hope this will flourish and ensure students are full engaged in their learning.

Year 8 – Student embark on their final year at KS3 and it’s a very fast paced and exciting time in music. Student begin with learning to play the most popular instruments in the school, the guitar! Students also create their own Music production company and compete against each other to produce the best film score. We also take a little twist on modern pop culture and have our very own Rap Battle in which students perform as part of a ‘rap crew’ and pit their wits and rhyming skills against their peers. They then record their final rap in our fantastic HITSVILLE OBA recording studio and produce their own CD. Could we have the next Jay Z or Eminem? Only time will tell?! Finally Students learn the importance of team work and commitment when they form a large ensemble band and learn to perform for other classes, in our very own ‘school of rock’.


We offer a strong and diverse enrichment programme which runs every day of the week. All of our music activities are available to all student and include everything from Piano tuition to DJ skills and are one of the most popular enrichments within the school, Just SING! Along, our flagship vocal group is at 25 each week alone!

The full list of available enrichments can be seen on the Enrichment page.

OBA music department have hosted two summer showcases since 2012. This started as a one-night event at the Brindley to a sell-out audience and the last was a two-day spectacular in order to cater for all of our school rock bands, ensembles and soloists.

As well as putting on events, we are keen to highlight the talent in others means, releasing Music CDs through our Hitsville OBA recording studio.

Finally we are pleased to announce our first ever Music prefect from year 11 Megan Parr and Morgan Murray. With the success of this venture we are now consider offering this to other year groups too.