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Ormiston Bolingbroke Students Celebrate Exam Results

Students, parents and staff at Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy are celebrating GCSE exam results today.


There were several subject highlights, with particular strengths in English, where 65% of students achieved a Grade 4 or above (a Grade 4 is defined by the Government as a pass).


Science at the academy has significantly improved on last year, with one in five grades in Chemistry, Physics and Biology achieving a Grade 7 or above.

Amongst the successes in other subjects are:

  • 100% of students achieved Grade 4 or higher in Performing Arts
  • In Music, 100% of students secured a Grade 4 or above, with 81% achieving a Grade 5 or higher
  • 93% of students gained a Grade 7 or higher in Art, with 11 students achieving top grades 7 or above
  • 90% of students secured a Grade A*-C in Computer Technology


The Applied Learning curriculum on offer remains a strong feature of the academy, with 100% of students achieving a pass in Engineering, Construction and Motor Vehicle Engineering, and 100% achieving a pass in Business Studies.


Amongst some of the individual successes:

  • Samuel Baker gained two Grade 8s, three Grade 7s, two Grade 6s, a Grade 5, a Grade 4, a Grade A and two Distinction*
  • Daniel Barton received a Grade 8, three Grade 7s, a Grade 6, a Grade 5, a Grade 4, a Grade A and 2 x Distinction*
  • James Batty was awarded a Grade 8, a Grade 7, two Grade 6s, three Grade 5s, a Grade 4, a Grade A and two Distinction*
  • Toni Burns secured three Grade 9s, five Grade 8s, a Grade 7, a Grade A* and two Distinction*
  • Jodie Collins achieved two Grade 9s; two Grade 6s, four Grade 5s, two Grade As, and two Distinction*
  • James Dalton gained six Grade 8s, a Grade 6, a Grade 5, a Grade 4, a Grade A* and two Distinction*
  • Nicola Falconer is celebrating a Grade 9, six Grade 8s, a Grade 7, a Grade A* and two Distinction*
  • Erin Green gained two Grade 7s, three Grade 6s, two Grade 5s, a Grade A and a  Distinction*
  • George Iddon – achieved  Grade 8, seven Grade 7s, a Grade 5, a Grade A and two Distinction*


Emlyn Wright, Principal of Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy, said:


“As we were last week for our A level results, the staff and I are once more delighted with our results. The Board of Governors and I are very proud of all of our students’ achievements and are very grateful for the hard work of the very talented staff of the school who work tirelessly to support students to be the best they can be. It goes without saying that our partnership with parents is strong and we share the pride of all our parents today.


“Our mission statement is to ensure that every student has the opportunity to go to university or get a good job to give them a life of choice and opportunity and I am glad that we have lived up to that again. Every student has a range of academic and vocational qualifications that will stand in them in good stead for further study in Sixth Form, to take on an apprenticeship or to go onto work-based training.


“We are really buoyed up by our recent successes at GCSE and A level and will take time to celebrate and reflect on the achievement of pupils but also to learn from this years’ experience so that we can continue to work hard to ensure further improvement and even greater pupil success into the future. With oversubscribed year groups and an ambitious building project underway at the school, the future is very bright for OBA. Well done to the class of 2018!”


Michael Cunliffe, Chair of the Board of Governors, said:


“The Board of Governors are really pleased with the progress the academy is making. Today’s results are very much the reward for all of the hardwork of staff, parents and particularly our students. The Board of Governors would like to thank everyone involved. Everyone should be very proud of their achievements.” 


Nick Hudson, CEO of Ormiston Academies Trust said:

"I would like to congratulate the students at Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy on their GCSE results. As a Trust, it is our absolute priority to ensure that every student fulfils their potential, no matter what their background. We look forward to seeing the academy continue to progress on its journey of school improvement over the next 12 months.”