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Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy


Latest news

update letter

Dear Parent/Carer

As we enter a very new phase, I wanted to share some of the latest updates.

First of all, I wrote to all parents earlier about the government’s announcement around key workers and potential child care and this can be found on our website, including the online form. We had to set a tight deadline of 2pm so that we can organise provision for Monday morning. If you missed this deadline because of work commitments, please read the previous letter carefully and consider a late submission if you feel you are eligible. Whilst we have limited places available, we will consider all requests.

Remote Learning

From Monday, we will be asking teachers to work from home and set work via Google Classrooms. As far as possible, work will follow your child’s normal school timetable and we would encourage all parents to maintain strong routines, getting children up and dressed before logging on to check what work they can do. Staff are mindful that remote learning can pose additional challenges for some students so please monitor how they are doing, provide support where necessary and, if they are continuing to struggle, simply suspend that activity and ask your child to contact their teacher via the classroom. Whilst in self-isolation, encourage your children to read as much as possible and limit the amount of screen time in favour of more creative activities. Suggestions will come through the “Tutor” classroom in Google Classrooms.

Where parents do not have internet access, we will provide hard copies of as much work as possible. If families need access to essential equipment such as pens, pencils, notepaper etc. these can be collected from reception at some point today.

Free School Meals

We will support families who are eligible for FSM. We anticipate that this will be through an e-voucher (or gift card equivalent) scheme that can be redeemed at a local supermarket. We are talking to supermarkets to see how this will work, and we will send out a separate communication once we know, but we will be aiming to issue vouchers by the middle of next week, backdated to Monday. 

Exam Grade information

We are still awaiting details but the latest news is that there will be no exams this summer. Grades are likely to be awarded based on a mixture of teacher predictions, PPE results, coursework and other assessments. We will, of course, endeavour to be as fair as possible and we will be proactive in working with all our Year 11 students to enable them to progress onto appropriate courses in the Sixth Form. Mr Fenner will be contacting all Year 11 students via Google Classrooms and providing opportunities to look again at potential pathways, including A Level “bridging” work.

We will continue to keep parents updated as we receive more information.

Yours sincerely

Mr T Rawdin

Interim Principal