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Palace Fields Primary and OBA Show Pupils How to Aim High

100 pupils from Palace Fields Primary School joined us at the academy on the 20th January to kick start their ‘Aspirations Week’.

The local Badger Close Primary School worked hard to plan an exciting week of activities designed to help their pupils start thinking about their future goals.

Pupils in Years 3, 4 and 5 visited OBA to gain an insight into life at high school and beyond. During their visit children took part in a Maths and Science lesson and experienced lunch in the dining room before grilling our sixth formers in a no holds barred Q&A session! 

Pupils benefited from learning about what makes a mathematically strong shape. They were given the chance to consider the Eiffel Tower and the new bridge of the Mersey Crossing which both clearly demonstrate the engineering benefits of using triangles in their construction. Pupils were then asked to transfer this knowledge into an accurate design before they began building. 

Head of Maths at OBA, Mrs Thornton, said:

some of the older children recognised the limitations of the materials (spaghetti and marshmallows!), using them in an intelligent design. The winning students achieved similar heights to university students who recently set the same task.

In science, the older children used separating techniques to purify table salt from a mixture of rock, water, plastic and iron whereas our younger visitors used the microscopes to look at different shapes in crystal structures. 

Mr Houslay, who led the Science lessons at OBA, said: 

This provided all pupils with the opportunity to use the practical equipment common in high school labs and start to learn some of the functional skills needed to progress in their scientific careers.

Mr Hughes, Year 6 Teacher at Palace Fields Primary School, said: 

We have planned our aspirations week in order for the children to develop and further their overall future aspirations. This could be their career, education, family or personal aspirations. The children have been introduced to a range of professionals from different backgrounds and areas and who are linked to national and international job opportunities. We have been discussing pupils’ future options and the paths they may have to take whilst making them aware that sometimes our career can take a number of different twists and turns. Our visit to OBA on Monday allowed the children to fast forward to experience their next step towards their future occupation (i.e. GCSE's and potentially A-Level/BTEC courses).

OBA enjoyed being part of such an important week for Palace Fields pupils and look forward to working with them again on similar projects in the future.