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Elevate returns!

Year 11 completed their second workshop in the final week of the Autumn term with a focus on how to time-manage effectively. Students left the workshop equipped with the skills to create their own timetable for revision purposes to utilise in the build-up to the exam season. 

Miss Dutton said:

Luke Meehan from Elevate Education spent the day with us and effortlessly grasped students’ attention throughout the workshop.  Students were informed of the importance of planning their time including creating a balance between schoolwork, non-required extra tasks for the purpose of revision and free/social time. Having completed the workshop students will be completing further follow up sessions with their form tutors with resources provided by Elevate. These sessions will have a further focus on timetabling non-required tasks emphasising the importance of doing work outside of the classroom and that which is not set by their subject teachers. They will also be looking at the use of study groups to support one another emphasising our year team message that we are all in this together and therefore use each other to support our learning rather than just our social lives! We will now look forward to our final workshop on how to ace the exams towards the end of the Spring term!