E-Safety Information

ceopOrmiston Bolingbroke Academy recognises that modern technology is an intrinsic part of modern-day life and our students use ICT extensively both in education and out of it. However, along with the opportunities that ICT offers it also brings with it problems and risks that all students and parents need to be aware of.

E-Safety is of high priority at OBA and all students receive advice and guidance appropriate to their age and ‘e-awareness’. As well as learning about E-Safety in their ICT lessons, students get more targeted input during assemblies and tutor group time. Below you will find some guidance on how you can stay safe online.


The CEOP Command (formerly the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) works with child protection partners across the UK and overseas to identify the main threats to children and coordinates activity against these threats to bring offenders to account. We protect children from harm online and offline, directly through government led operations and in partnership with local and international agencies. We have staff who are trained by CEOP employed at the school and regularly receive information and advice from this key body.

More Information:

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