Consultation Days

Community Voice:

At the start of the year we issued a Community Voice Questionnaire to parents of all pupils at OBA and also those in Year Six at local primary schools.

Based on the feedback we received we have formed a ‘Parent Voice’ group and are in the process of organizing adult learning classes to start after Christmas. We have learnt that parents find it easier to attend meetings in the evening so all our Parent Voice meetings are at 5:00. We also found out people are interested in ICT sessions and cookery sessions being ran in school – so watch this space!

Parent Voice:

We held our first Parent Voice meeting at school on Wednesday 17th November and as an outcome we are now considering new methods of home-school communication. It was thought that pupil-post is not always that effective and that the school website or email would be better. There was even the suggestion of a facebook page. These are all ideas we are looking into and we’ll keep you updated!

It was encouraging to hear how well parents think pupils have settled into the new school and how well they think the new house system is working. However parents pointed out that unless their child is in Year Seven they are unsure of who their son/daughters new Form Tutor and House Manager are. In light of this, we will be shortly adding this information to the school website.

Parents also said they felt that they have not yet had an opportunity to see the changes that have taken place to the school building and therefore we are in the process of organizing various events for parents to attend so they have a chance to come into school and see what is going on.

At the Parent Voice meeting one of our parents kindly took on the task of starting up our vegetable patch/ allotment in our school grounds, but we are still looking for other helpers to support this project get off the ground! If anyone is interested please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Events and Activities:

Year Seven Maths and English focus evenings have been arranged for 29th November, 1st December and 6th December. These provide Year Seven parents with an opportunity to find out what is going on in Maths and English lessons. They can also look at their child’s work and meet the teachers.

Following the success of the Macmillan Coffee Morning we held in September to, we are opening up the school again and hoping that parents will take the opportunity to come in and socialize in our new modern canteen! So we invite you to join our ‘Christmas Catch Up’ Coffee Morning on Friday 10th December 11.10-12.30pm.

We recently held a Anti-Bullying workshop for parents after school and based on discussions with the Parent Voice group, we will be running this event again after Christmas, but at a time later in the evening when hopefully it will be convenient for more people to attend. This event is a really great way for us to work together to tackle issues and raise awareness that bullying is not tolerated at OBA.

To be involved with our next Parent Voice meeting, please contact Mrs S. Snagg on 01928 711643 or directly via email on