Year 9 Team

The Year 9 Team includes:
Head of Year – Mr Mcintyre
Assistant Head of Year – Miss Moneypenny
SLT Link – Mrs Oulton
Tafari – Mrs Woolmer
Nickson – Mrs Barker
Cottrell Boyce – Mrs McMaster
Wilson – Miss Belford
Browne – Miss Smith

We have an average attendance that is comfortably above the 95% target set by the Academy with special mention to Tafari form, who were our winners last year for Attendance & Punctuality combined. Our pupils are now well on there way with their options with pupils enjoying tailoring their curriculum towards their needs and future aspirations. Our A2L grade 1 lessons are outstanding with top 10 pupils in the school achieving the most grade 1s all coming from year 9. Our current leading house is still Browne as they have the best attendance, punctuality and A2L scores, they also have the current year champion, Zara Garrison.