Year 8 Team

Welcome to the Year 8 page. As Head of Year my role is to ensure an effective pastoral care for each child within the Year Group. This may involve supporting pupils in their subjects in respect of SEN; overseeing behaviour; monitoring attendance and punctuality; and most importantly, making sure all pupils are safe and well to enable them to them to fulfil their potential both in education and personally.

As Head of Year I have high standards and expectations for all students. I expect behaviour within the year group to be impeccable, attendance to be at least 97% and punctuality excellent. For pupils to expand their horizons and their social skills I expect all students to attend at least one enrichment activity per week. The benefits being that pupils will learn new skills, make new friends and build in confidence. All Year 8 students are set individual academic targets to reach by the end of year in order to stretch and challenge them. Through the LUCERE programme we ensure all students are supported to achieve their minimum targets.

As an Academy we also guarantee that all pupils will be invited to a residential trip and many will experience various other educational, sporting and reward trips throughout the year and their time at OBA. Indeed many of the pupils have already attended a residential trip during their time in Year 7.

With the support of my Assistant Head of Year Mr Milne and my team of Form Tutors we will ensure your child’s pastoral care is of the highest standard to make their time at OBA a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Miss Z Porschke – Head of Year 8


The Year 8 Team include:

  • Head of Year:  Miss Z Porschke
  • Assistant Head of Year:  Mr C Milne
  • Year 8 Progress Leader: Mrs M Wallace

Year 8 Form Tutors:

  • 8SSS: Miss S Styles
  • 8KHN: Miss K Houghton
  • 8MRN: Mr M Rushton
  • 8AHH: Miss A Howard-Hildige
  • 8GCN: Mr G Clerkin
  • 8CBR: Mr C Butcher
  • 8JHT: Ms J Hart
  • 8ACY: Miss A Connolly