Year 7 Team

Welcome to the Year 7 page. I’m Miss Porschke and I am the Head of Year 7. My role is to ensure an effective transition between your child’s transition from primary school and adapting to life at secondary school to begin their journey towards their GCSEs. Transition can be a scary time for the younger pupils and doesn’t just last for the first couple of weeks of starting at the Academy but throughout the year to ensure they start their journey on positive footing. With the 2016-2017 Year 7 intake being the academy’s largest ever year group it is a very exciting time across the academy. As Head of Year I have high standards and expectations for all students. I expect behaviour within the year group to be impeccable, attendance to be at least 97% and punctuality excellent. For pupils to expand their horizons and their social skills I expect all students to attend at least one enrichment activity per week. The benefits being that pupils will learn new skills, make new friends and build in confidence.

As an Academy we also guarantee that all pupils will be invited to a residential trip and many will experience various other educational, sporting and reward trips throughout the year and their time at OBA.

With the support of my Assistant Head of Year Mr Milne and my team of Form Tutors we will ensure your child’s pastoral care is of the highest standard to make their time at OBA a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Miss Z Porschke – Head of Year


The Year 7 Team include:

  • Head of Year:  Miss Z Porschke
  • Assistant Head of Year:  Mr Milne
  • Second Assistant Head of Year: Miss Styles
  • SLT Link: Miss Smith

The Year 7 Form Tutors are:

  • 7GCN/RRS: Mr Clerkin & Miss Roberts
  • 7SSS/SMU: Miss Styles & Mr Murphy
  • 7ANN/ACY: Mrs Noon & Miss Connolly
  • 7TRN/CBR: Miss Reardon & Mr Butcher
  • 7AHH/JHY: Miss Howard-Hildidge & Mr Houslay
  • 7DMR/JHT: Mr Mercer & Miss Hart
  • 7PHY/KHN: Mr Hendry & Miss Houghton
  • 7MRN/ABI: Mr Rushton & Mr Bird

The Year 7 Support Staff include:

  • Mrs A Jarvis (Attendance and Punctuality)
  • Mr Miller (Additional tutor)
  • Miss Skidmore (Additional tutor)

Celebrating Year 7’s Achievements

  • Congratulations to the year 7 boys football team who have finished in second place in the Halton League final after loosing a penalty shoot out to Wade Deacon. The boys came back from being 3-1 down to equal the score by the end of the game taking it to a penalty shoot out. Unfortunately their luck ran out and they lost 4-3 on penalties. Congratulations to Michael Martin who received Man of the Match for scoring a hat trick of goals as well as his penalty.
  • Congratulations to Nicole Bateman who was awarded the Outstanding Year 7 pupil Award during the Spring Term celebration assembly due to her excellent attendance, punctuality, Attitude to Learning grades, contributions to ECM and attendance to enrichment.

A2L Awards

Congratulations to the following Year 7 students who have achieved the following A2L awards so far this academic year.

Platinum 250+ Grade 1’s:

Nicole Bateman

Gold 200+ Grade 1’s:

Hannah Harrison
Chloe Brown
Haydn Godfrey
Kimberley McCarrick
Fleur Alton
Lois Thomson
Ellie Kirby
Milly Hardy
Sonni Bellfield
Harry Kudrycz
Maddison Roberts
Nikolaos Pantazides
David Hayes
Jessica Brown
Charlie Flood
Shay Grugel
Matthew Hughes-Yeoman
Evie Keowski
Millie Bennett
Kacey Leach
Lewis Longworth
Amy Cross
Ellie Thompson
Louis Iddon
Caitlin McKenna
Emily Moran
Logan O’Rourke
Charlotte Pearson
Neave Fieldstead
Freya Kearney
Ella Welch
Leo Pickering
Stephen Hawkings
Angel Wareing
Stephen Armstrong
Paul Owen
Millie-Lou Smith
Ryan Humphreys
Lydia Lockett
Cerys-Lea Burns
Ellie Ludgate
George Taylor
Emmie Ellis
Joe Baxter
Rebecca Hughes
Daniel Walsh
Abigail Beard
Abi-may Cockram
Emily Cully
Neve Jones
Bethany Riley
Jethro Ghosh

Silver 100+ Grade 1’s:

Ireland Emily
Carson Layla
Holt Casey
Howard Caitlin
Joyce Lauren
McCarthy Charli
Gaskin Demi Leigh
Wilson Megan
Thompson Macey-Leigh
Crilly Georgia
Brenton Ethan
Oakes Joshua
Watcham Niamh
Willcott Alice
Wood Libbie
Baker Madison
Moseley Adam
Abbott Eva
Finnigan Lia
Hughes Jack
Lavelle Nathan
Brown Matthew
Harrison William
Roberts Harry
Spellman Sean
Wilcock Olivia
Gates Richard
Lambert Ellie
Martin Michael
Deane Jessica
Kelley Wendy
Scoullar-Patterson Kiah
Davies Emily
Charnock Ruby
Jones Kaci-Leigh
Waldron Abby
Berry Alice
Coulthard Riley
Swift Aimee
Lockett Libby
Maher Finley
McCourt Olivia
O’Rourke Teegan
Svensen Letiesha
Pattison Cauley
Green Conor
Ireland Shaun
Rae Zak
Simpson Rhys
Williams Emily
Wilson Luis
Cowle Bobbi Lily
Stinchcomb Emlyn
Holland Charlie
Kenzie Dylan
Lewis Olivia
Roberts Dylan
Quirk Liam
Dalton Jack
Hill Jake
Shinnawie Nikita
Tipping Jessica
Parrington Ellie
Shaw Adon-Lee
Nuttall Kai
Spencer Liam
Campbell Sean
Unsworth Elly
Green Ryan
O’Rourke Tamikka
Spurr Leon
Evans Isaac
Hunt Joshua
Leatherbarrow Owen
Smith Craig
Borino Cameron
Gallagher Caitlin
Law Liam
Thompson-Curran Joshua
Farnan Lily
Jones Morgan
Verry Bethany
Lewis Callum
Snape Joshua
Tarr Marissa
Hulme Heidi

Bronze 50+ Grade 1’s:

Meades Dennis
Tipton Kian
Banner Will
Foran Paris
McMahon Jack
Rae Joseph
Brettell Thomas
Ord Lewis
Stinchcomb Niamh
Evans Chantelle
Marron Louie
Norman Joshua
Snee Charlie
Coady Lily
French Kaitlin
Scoullar Jack
Worrall Olivia
Cruse Declan
Lockley Maddison
Bell Abi
Bennett Joseph
Comer Zach
Jones Pharrell
Lea Sophie
Thornhill Kaitlyn
Edwards Jessica
Scott Lille-Mai
O’Brien Caine
Doolan Leah
Targett Lucy-Jo
White Lewis
Barrigan Lewis
Morrissey Kraig
Stubbs Joshua
McGrath Abbi
Schofield Demi
Turrell Callum
Bennett Shea
Ogden Casey
Currie Reece
D’Oliveira Caylin
Lewis Harvey
Roriston Aaron
Evans Dylan
Neill Leyton
Davies-Goff Harrison
Williams Logan
Caddick Frankie
Ellis Kian
Gilroy George
Cook Jack
Crowe Mathew
Cushion Owen
Donohue James
Connor Leighton
Nickson Lewin
Quinn Lucy
Davies Jack

Attendance update

Tutor Attendance Award

Congratulations to 7DMR/JHT for achieving the highest attendance so far this academic year! Make sure you attend school every day to improve your form’s attendance and win this term’s reward!

FormSpring Term Attendance