Vision for Careers Education and Guidance (CEIAG)

Rationale for CEIAG

A young person’s aspirational career is determined by the quality of information, guidance and opportunity that they receive at school. The academy’s vision and mission is that all learners need a planned programme of activities to help them choose 14-19 pathways that are right for them and to be able to manage their careers, sustain employment and achieve personal and economic wellbeing throughout their lives.


Under the Education Act 1997, section 42A, Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy recognises that it has a responsibility to ensure all registered pupils at the academy are provided with independent careers guidance from Year 7 (11-12 year olds) to year 13 (17-18 year olds).

The Governing body also recognises that OBA must ensure that independent careers advice provided is presented in an impartial manner, includes information on a range of education or training options, including apprenticeships and other vocational pathways and that the information is delivered by a trained CEIAG adviser in line with professional standards of practice.

Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy is committed to working towards a quality award for Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) and we endeavour to achieve this award by the end of this academic year

Aims and Objectives

  • To ensure academic rigour supported by excellent teaching, and developing in every young person the values, skills and behaviours they need to get on in life
  • To ensure that every pupil at OBA will receive a rich provision of classroom and extra-curricular activities that develop a range of character attributes, such as resilience and grit, which underpin success in education and employment.
  • To provide high quality, independent careers guidance to ensure that OBA pupils emerge from school more fully rounded and ready for the world of work
  • To ensure that all OBA students will be well-informed when making subject and career decisions.


Management and staffing:  Amy Jarvis co-ordinates the careers programme and the work experience programme and is responsible to John Rigby (Executive Principal).

All staff contribute to CEIAG through their roles as tutors and subject teachers. Specialist sessions are delivered by form tutors during ECM time and specialist careers guidance is delivered by independent careers adviser, Lynne Loughnan (MPLOY Solutions), one day per week. Careers information is available to pupils in each subject area and within the careers hub, which is maintained by Amy Jarvis.

Partnerships: OBA have entered a three year partnership with local global business, Saint Gobain Isover, as part of the business in the community project. The company aim to work in collaboration with OBA pupils to deliver a minimum of two work related initiatives per term. This will include site visits, business roles presentations, work experience placements, career aspirations workshops and mock assessment centres.

OBA also hosts Business Breakfast Meetings every term, where local business are invited into the academy to network, discuss ideas for collaborative work and provide exciting career related opportunities for the students.

Curriculum: The careers programme includes:

Years 7: ECM U-Explore sessions. Full term ECM focus on Economic wellbeing (Jan to Feb) and Achieve and Enjoy (June – July). ‘My World’ careers link in every subject.

Year 8:  ECM U-Explore sessions (Jan-Feb). Full term ECM focus on Economic wellbeing (Jan to Feb) and Achieve and Enjoy (June – July).  Students choose options – ‘Options’ transition process including assemblies, open evening, pupil and parent consultations and departmental showcasing events.  My World’ careers link in every subject.

Year 9:  Full term ECM focus on Economic wellbeing (Jan to Feb) and Achieve and Enjoy (June – July). My World’ careers link in every subject.

Year 10:  ECM U-Explore sessions (Jan-Feb). Full term ECM focus on Economic wellbeing (Jan to Feb) and Achieve and Enjoy (June – July).  My World’ careers link in every subject. Work experience placement (1-3 days out on placement in industry sector of their choice). Work experience preparation workshops x2 (including skills and expectations). Post placement evaluation workshops x2. CV Writing workshops. Career talks delivered by business links. Collaborative work with Saint Gobain Isover (Business in the community partnership). One-to-one careers advice sessions with external careers adviser (MPLOY).

Year 11: ECM U-Explore sessions (Nov-Dec). Full term ECM focus on Economic wellbeing (Jan to Feb) and Achieve and Enjoy (June – July).  My World’ careers link in every subject. One-to-one careers advice sessions with external careers adviser (MPLOY).Sixth form open evening to allow students to find out what courses are available and the various pathways in sixth form.

Post 16: careers fair. Subject specific work experience placements. Annual careers fair. Careers guidance sessions to discuss the various educational pathways available. Weekly access to a qualified careers officer for advice and guidance. University of Liverpool Scholars programme representatives giving talks to students. Year 12 cohort annual trip to UCAS Merseyside convention.  UCAS support sessions delivered during form and lesson 5 on Wednesdays.  Apprenticeship information provided in form time from form tutors.  CV and job application support. University open days.

Additional: OBA hosts an annual careers fair in spring term, which includes a variety of businesses. Students from selected year groups are given the opportunity to improve their awareness of local organisations and to learn about the various industry sectors within.  Information on alternative training pathways is provided.                                                                                                         Departmental career fairs are provided at different times throughout the year.

Monitoring, review and evaluation

OBA’s programme is reviewed bi-annually by the careers co-ordinator and senior leader team, in line with the standards set out in the CEIAG quality award (Careers Connect).

Effectiveness of the programme:

  • 1% of OBA Year 11 school leavers had a suitable offer of learning in place for the September after they had left the academy (2015/2016)
  • 39 year.13 students had been placed at University and 11 students at Russell groups
  • 100% of the Year 10 students from the first work experience cohort (autumn term 2016/2017) have reported that they have benefited from their placements and have increased their knowledge of the skills and qualifications required to pursue the career of their choice.



Executive Principal:  J Rigby
Senior Leader Link:  B Barry
Chair of Governors:  M Cunliffe

Date of next review:   16.1.17