Vision and Values

The whole OBA family pursues excellence in its daily work and future goals.

Every member goes that extra mile to ensure that we are constantly improving.

We value the unique talents and characteristics of each member.

Our culture of mutual respect and aspiration allows everyone to ‘dare to shine’…

‘Lucere Aude’.

Our values

  • Aspiration – students, staff and parents/carers alike share a common desire to achieve and improve.  Positive role-models throughout the Academy show that it is ‘cool’ to do well!
  • Standards – mutual respect and positive behaviour are seen everywhere in the Academy. Every member of the Academy understands their key role in maintaining these high standards and allowing others to achieve without distraction.
  • Pride – we are proud to be part of the OBA family and make every effort to look smart, arrive punctually and attend regularly.  We keep our Academy clean, tidy and ready to learn in.
  • Consistency – students and staff work together to make sure that everyone receives the same high-quality learning experience every day.
  • Character  we understand that people make mistakes in life and we provide every opportunity to build resilience and independence by learning from these.
  • Relationships – warm and supportive relationships with our young people and their families secure a genuine foundation of trust on which great learning can flourish.
  • Support – every member of OBA is supported by mentors who know how to listen and guide.  There are regular opportunities to meet and plan personal development.
  • Challenge – we are not afraid to set goals and expectations which may at first seem challenging.  We then work together to show how these can and do become achievable.
  • Opportunity – all our staff have a 100% commitment to giving our students new experiences, either in the classroom, as enrichment activities and on Academy trips, both in the UK and abroad.
  • Learning – everyone knows that learning is the core purpose of all that we do at OBA.  Every one of our other values contributes to creating the perfect environment for effective learning to take place in.