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About Wilson

Wilson House is named after Jacqueline Wilson, a well-known author of children’s literature. Her novels have been adapted many times for television and, unusually for a children’s author, commonly deal with challenging themes like adoption, divorce and mental illness.

Jacqueline Wilson

The colour associated with Wilson house is purple, which can be found on the ties of students belonging to the house.

The Wilson House ethos is ‘~Dream ~Believe ~Achieve’ and all members of the house community are encouraged to live out our ethos; through participation in lessons and activities in the academy and outside. Pupils from each tutor group are awarded Pupil of the Week by their form tutors and special Wilson Stars are awarded to both staff and students for outstanding contributions.

The Wilson House Staff are:

House Leader: Miss R Dutton

House Manager: Mr Mercer

Wilson House Leader Miss R. Dutton alongside House Manager Mr D. Mercer

The Wilson House Form Tutors are:

Tutor Group 7: Mr James & Miss Belford

Tutor Group 8: Miss Hanson & Mr Rushton

Tutor Group 9: Mr Spruce & Mr O’Brien

Tutor Group 9: Mr Reid & Mr Hussey

Tutor Group 11: Miss Smyth & Miss Bedford

Tutor Group 12: Mrs Fitzgerald

Tutor Group 13: Mr Braitch

The Wilson House Academic Mentors are:

Mr Watkins, Mr Morton & Miss Markwell

The Wilson House Captains are:

House Captain: Danielle McGough

House Captain: Lauren Skiffington

Sport Captain: Connor Snape

Sport Captain: Ellie Dyson

Arts Captain: Liberty Boult

Arts Captain: Toni Burns