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Summer 2014 Newsletter

December 2013 Newsletter

ECM Nickson Stars

This term year 8 took on year 7 in an enterprise competition to design a new household item. They had to choose between a tennis racket, lunch box and a recyclable bag. Both classes went with the tennis racket, with year 7 designing a jewellery hanger and year 8, a light up picture frame.

Each form was split into 4 groups to focus on an individual part of the task. The 4 groups consisted of manufacturing, finance, advertising (designing a poster) and advertising (designing an advert). All of the information gathered was put into a presentation for a Nickson assembly where year 7 and year 8 pitched their ideas against each other. The rest of Nickson house voted for the product they liked the best. The competition was fierce with year 8 emerging deservedly victorious with the majority of the votes.

Mr Coring and Miss Arends

Year 7 PGL Trip

As part of our new year 7’s induction to the academy, pupils were given the opportunity to go to PGL where pupils took part in activities to build upon skills and get to know each other. They participated in raft building, quad biking, the giant swing and assault courses. Pupils learnt many life-skills such as team work, problem solving, initative, risk taking and determination. This was a great way for pupils to come together as a community in their first term at the academy.

Jack the Giant Killer

We know our students at OBA achieve incredible things: yet again, having the best GCSE results of all Runcorn schools being one of them. This year’s year 11 students have, of course, taken up the mantle and are working hard to keep up this proud tradition in 2015.

We also know that such success does not just happen overnight. The hard work begins in year 7 and the momentum builds as the students progress through the school. This term, OBA’s incredible Accelerated Reader programme has been re-vamped and a heightened element of competition has been introduced by Miss Styles. Each class is valiantly competing against every other class in the school to see which will read the most books this term.

This month’s results are in and they have thrown up a surprise. Who would have thought that a year 7 student could beat the brain-boxes in all the other years for the number of books read in one month? Well, after close analysis of the January data, it appears that Jack Porter (7KRR/JSM) has done just that! He has read and passed quizzes on a mind-boggling 35 books in one month alone!

Keep it up, Jack, your future success is written in the stars!


Keerah Watts was elected as Head Girl in September 2014 after a difficult and challenging application process. Well done to Keerah for succeeding, and we wish her all the best with the challenges ahead.

Head Girl of OBA, Keerah Watts

My experience of being interviewed for Head Girl was unexpectedly calming. It was nothing like I expected, I didn’t feel under pressure or intimidated. I thought it was going to be really difficult to put my points across but it was easy due to the environment. It was just me, Mrs Snags and Mr Wyss in his office; no distractions, no interruptions and no pressure! I felt that everything I said was listened to and acknowledged. I believe that all the students who applied had equal chances of being Head Girl. I’m very honoured that I was chosen to represent our school as Head Girl.

- Keerah Watts, Head Girl