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Nickson house is named after television screenwriter Susan Nickson. A local girl, Nickson was educated in Runcorn’s Grange Comprehensive and is best known for her work on Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps (also set in Runcorn).

The colour associated with Nickson house is gold, which can be found on the ties of students belonging to the house.

 Susan Nickson

Local literary talent

The Nickson House Staff are:

House Leader: Mrs Stitch

House Manager: Mr Daniels

Head Girl: Keerah Watts

House Captains: Abbi Taylor & Ethan Davies Goff

Arts Captains: Megan Wright Smith & David Bailey

Sports Captains: Kaitlin Falconer & Eden Gumbs

The Nickson House Form Tutors are:

Tutor Group 7KRR/JSY: Miss Roper & Miss Smyth

Tutor Group 8DCG/KAS: Mr Coring & Miss Arends

Tutor Group 9GHL/RSK: Mr Hall & Mr Silcock

Tutor Group 10ANN/LWS: Mrs Noon & Miss Watkins

Tutor Group 11ABD/KHY: Mrs Bedford & Mr Henry

Tutor Group 12JAN: Mrs Ashton

Tutor Group 13JFY: Miss Farrelly