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Cottrell-Boyce house is named after childrens fiction author Frank Cottrell-Boyce. Born in Liverpool, Cottrell-Boyce also is a screen-writer and occasionally an actor.

Cottrell Boyce Logo

The colour associated with Cottrell-Boyce house is green, which can be found on the tie’s of students belonging to the house.

Frank Cottrell-Boyce

Champion of the Week


In Cottrell-Boyce we pride ourselves on our motto;
"Inspiration, Dedication, Success".
The Cottrell-Boyce "Champion of the Week" is rewarded in assembly with a House Branded Certificate.
Nominations are based around the house motto and can be for things accomplished in school or outside of school. Nominations can come from classroom teachers, form tutors or even fellow students.
If you know of something special a friend has done, something exciting and adventurous you are doing yourself, or even just feel your friend has been extremely successful, come and tell one of the house team to get your nominations recognised.
Are you Cottrell-Boyce Champion of the Week this week?
Come and tell us what you have been up to!


The Cottrell-Boyce House Staff are:

House Leader: Miss Fleetwood

House Manager: Mr Barrett

The Cottrell-Boyce House Form Tutors are:

Tutor Group 7JT/JYR: Miss Taylor & Miss Younger

Tutor Group 8ADN/RSH: Mr Doran & Miss Smith

Tutor Group 9KFR/NBK: Mrs Fakir & Miss Beck

Tutor Group 10LFR/SMG: Miss Forster & Mr McGlory

Tutor Group 11KAP/CM: Miss Alsop & Mr Milton

Tutor Group 12GRY: Mrs Riley

Tutor Group 13SSN: Miss Scriven

Academic Mentors:

Miss McAuliffe, Mr Bowman & Miss Ingram

The Cottrell-Boyce House Student Representatives are:

House Captains:

Captain: Chloe Orme

Vice Captain: Thomas Collins

Sports Captains:

Leah Bentley & Lewis Gannon

Arts Captains:

Charlotte Allen & William Carmichael