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Every Child Matters Curriculum including PSHE.

The Every Child Matters Curriculum continues to look exciting for the 2016 – 2017 academic year.

We have a developed the ECM Curriculum whereby students have 1 hour a week to work on topics linked to the 5 strands of the ECM agenda and community cohesion. The 6 school terms are divided up into different strands of the ECM agenda which allows students to learn about topics linked to making positive contributions, being safe, achieving economic well-being, community cohesion, be healthy and enjoy and achieve. Students take part in the ECM Curriculum for 4 weeks every half term the other three weeks consist of P4C sessions, one to one academic mentoring and Newsweek.

Every half term at OBA we have a full day dedicated to the ECM agenda. On this day students come off their normal timetables and take part in a variety of activities related to specific strands in focus.

See below, what the students have participated in so far this year:

ECM Day – Making a Positive Contribution

At the end of last half-term, OBA’s Year 7s and 8s took part in a fun day based on the theme of ’Making a Positive Contribution’.  They gave their time and very best efforts to raise a total of £258.40 for OBA’s annual trip to Kenya.

All Year 7 students designed different Halloween products which were then sold at the Year 7 Settling-in Evening.  Students designed and made a range of different products which included Halloween masks and mugs, torches with spooky faces on them, cupcakes with scary designs, Halloween bunting and chocolate wrappers.

Throughout the day students worked in the Technology Faculty and then the Year 7 Sales Team sold the products that evening, raising £58.60.

Meanwhile, Year 8 students took on the rain and wind and took part in a sponsored walk up Moel Famau, in North Wales.

They completed a range of challenges with their peers on the way up the mountain, developing their team work skills. The Year 8s were proud to raise £199.80 for the Kenya trip and they had great fun along the way!

Some Year 8 students who were unable to take part in the sponsored walk were involved in an alternative ECM Project day. They worked on a radio advert with Cheshire Police to raise awareness with young people of the dangers of legal highs, sexting and the issue of healthy relationships. The students completed research, made decisions about what content to include in their advert and wrote the script.  They also added music and other sound effects before going on to rehearse and record their radio adverts. All the adverts will now be submitted into a competition and the creators of the winning adverts will be given the opportunity to work on their own professionally-produced radio advert, working alongside industry experts.


ECM Day Be Safe

On Tuesday 13th December Year 7, 8 and 9 students took part in an ECM Day focusing on raising awareness about the dangers of drugs and anti- social behaviour.  Year 7 and 8 took part in an hour ECM session where they discussed issues such as anti -social behaviour on buses, legal highs, risks and  consequences of a persons actions. This session was co-planned by Mrs Noon and Cheshire Police who have identified these issues as being a problem in the Halton area. Mrs Noon commented on how impressed she was with the students mature responses to the issues raised.

Year 9 took part in an assembly and follow up workshop from the Amy Winehouse Foundation which was set up to educate young people about alcohol and drug abuse. The sessions are ran by volunteers who have experienced first- hand the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. The Foundation commented on how smoothly the sessions ran and how engaged the students were- Well done year 9.


Thinkaboutit Campain with Mr Meanor

Thinkaboutit campaign is one of the programmes headed by the Peace Centre Foundation in Warrington which supports young people to think critically about current affairs.

#thinkaboutit is led by pop group Mr Meanor, a three-piece band including Marcel from LA and Jake and Jordan from Essex.  The day after the attacks on Paris (November 2015), the band were in the studio and felt so emotionally impacted that they wrote a song.  The band decided to donate the single’s proceeds to the Peace Centre Foundation, and together the band and Foundation decided to create a campaign.  The aim is simple; to allow an influential young set of artists to talk (sing) to young people and to promote key messages aligned to Foundation projects.

Mr Meanor treated the Year 8s to a performance on 5th October to highlight their campaign and give their positive message to the year group.



Creating Employment Links Within Our Community – Project Day for Year 10

The launch of Saint Gobain Isover, event was designed to inform OBA’s Year 10 students of our new working partnership with the company and to discuss the exciting career-linked opportunities that would be available to them over the coming years.

The day kicked off with an informative assembly hosted by Saint Gobain Company Director, Simon Tait. Simon provided the students with an in depth overview of Saint Gobain; who they are, what they do and what they manufacture, the history of the company and the various industry and job sectors across the business.

The rest of the day was then broken down into a series of 5 workshops which were linked to Saint Gobain’s brand awareness and possible future careers.  The workshops were entitled: Sharing our expertise; Enhancing the customer experience; Creating the feel good factor; Innovation; Sustainability.

Through undertaking creative tasks, each workshop was designed to get the students to think innovatively, to develop their team building and communication skills, to discuss and identify the important skills involved within the various job sectors at Saint Gobain and, most importantly, to help raise our students’ aspirations.

The workshops were carried out by ten Saint Gobain professionals, from a variety of job roles.  These included: HR Advisor, Product Manager, Operations Manager, Operations Director, Graduate Process Engineer, Product Manager, Marketing and Sales Assistant, Area Sales Manager and Supply Chain Manager.



Winter Warmers – Charity

The Student Parliament have led on a heart-warming community project. The team decided they wanted to make a positive contribution to their local area and therefore came up with the idea of making Christmas hampers for those they felt would be most in need during the festive season.

They named the project ‘Winter Warmers’ and asked for donations from their peers such as hot drinks and flasks, tinned soup/beans, pasta and biscuits to put in the packs. Student Parliament members raised awareness of the project by talking in assemblies and visiting form groups urging people to contribute. They were also greatly supported by O2 staff who were keen to get involved as soon as they heard about the project! O2 Staff created a collection point at their CAPITA building in Preston Brook and invited the Student Parliament members Milly, Taylor and Ewan to join them in packaging up the donated goodies.


As a combined OBA/O2 effort we created sixty-five fantastic Winter Warmer Packs!

Fifty packs have been collected by Adult Social Care who will be issuing them over the Christmas period to elderly residents across Runcorn who lack food and/or visitors. Social Care said that the packs are greatly appreciated and will make a big difference to the people who receive them.

We also donated 15 packs to Creative Support – formerly the YMCA in Halton Lodge who were thrilled with the gesture and said they will use the hampers as prizes for a festive quiz happening later this week.

Christmas Box Appeal

Miss McEvoy introduced and led the Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box appeal with a fantastic response from all the students at OBA. Students sent a lot of boxes from all year groups.

Helping to brighten up the life of a child that is much less fortunate than yourself is a very humbling and rewarding experience, and enables students to discuss and appreciate how much luckier they are than many other children of a similar age to themselves.

Laden with brightly decorated boxes, Miss McEvoy and several students proudly went to the local collection point to drop off the many parcelled up goodies they had been gathering in recent weeks

Mrs Noon says:

Miss Connolly and I would like to thank our Form, 7ANN/ACY, and say how proud we are that they managed to create a total of fourteen well-packed Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes which were delivered last week.

They also all pitched together to bring in the money in order to send each box with £2.50 each. This is a huge achievement seeing as there are only twenty-four students in the class and it is a testament to how kind and considerate the members of our Form are. They have had a fabulous start in OBA and we couldn’t be happier to be their Form Tutors.



OBA’s 2k Fun Run for ‘Caring Matters Now’

On Thursday 20th October, over ninety students from Years 7 and 8 in OBA took part in a fun run to help raise money for a Liverpool based charity, ‘Caring Matters Now’.

‘Caring Matters Now’ supports people affected by a rare skin condition and helps to fund research at Great Ormond Street Hospital, where treatments and an eventual cure for the condition are being worked on. The money raised from this event at OBA will go towards funding this vital research.

Along the course of the run, students tackled hurdles, scramble nets, tyres and a large 40ft inflatable obstacle course! They all really enjoyed taking part in the event and were very competitive throughout, wanting to beat their friends to the finish line!


Creative Poppy Appeal

Thanks to the creative thinking of some Year 12 Textiles students, students and staff at OBA were able to wear unique poppies this year.  They had the idea with Miss Taylor to make poppies out of recycled buttons and sell them for a minimum of a £2 donation to The British Legion Poppy Appeal. They raised nearly £80 for this excellent cause and really enjoyed seeing the staff wearing them with pride around the Academy.

Welcome to Gym Club

A new after school Enrichment started in PE earlier this term, and is now attended by a small group of extremely enthusiastic students who have the opportunity to develop beam, floor and vault routines, both individually and as a group.

The PE Department would, however, like to see even more enthusiastic students attend this very worthwhile Enrichment activity. So, no matter what gymnastic abilities you may, or may not already possess, you will be made very welcome.  Just come along and try your best and you never know what hidden talents you might discover, at the same time as having great fun!


Four Nations Rugby

On Sunday 20th November, nineteen students set off in excited anticipation to watch the final of the prestigious Four Nations Rugby League Tournament between Australia and New Zealand at the newly refurbished Anfield stadium.

The students arrived in plenty of time to have their photograph taken beneath the ‘This is Anfield’ sign before joining over 40,000 spectators at the ground. The majority of the crowd were vocally supporting the Kiwi side, in the absence of the England team, who had narrowly missed out on a place in the final.

The students enjoyed the magnificent sight of the New Zealand Players performing the Haka, a frightening war cry originally used by the Maori Warriors before a battle, which proclaims their strength and prowess in order to intimidate the opposition. Unfortunately, it did not scare the mighty Australian team who raced into an unassailable 20-0 lead, with only a quarter of the match gone. The Kiwi team performed better in the second half and OBA’s students were soon on their feet celebrating when New Zealand crossed over the whitewash to score a spectacular try.


An Unforgettable Water Adventure for OBA’s Students

Ten extremely lucky Year 9 students from OBA, accompanied by Miss Belford and Mr A Bird, experienced the trip of a lifetime last week when they took part in a very memorable trip to the UKSA Centre in West Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

UKSA is a charity that believes that by using the power of the sea, you can help change the lives of people of all ages and Megan Berry, Dominque Costello, Elisha Francis, Abby Hilton, Jorja Tipton, Liam Grocott, Ryan Cooper, Kieran Clothier, Ewan Roberts, and Kai Porter were the fortunate students who experienced what UKSA had to offer.  The activities that they were able to try their hands at were all aimed to build confidence, inspire and motivate students to achieve things they never thought possible.

Amongst the activities that UKSA offers students to take part in are sailing, keel boating, dinghy sailing, team building games, paddle boarding, windsurfing, surfing, kayaking, raft building and raft racing and all the Year 9s had great fun trying out activities that they had never tried before.

image13 image14




RESPECT Programme

OBA engages in the RESPECT programme on an annual basis, sending 4 students per term to the programme. The RESPECT (Reducing Exclusion Starting Positive Engagement with Children Together) is based on Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s experience of working with young people during the past decade. The partnership involves Youth and Education Services from Cheshire East CWAC, Halton and Warrington,

The programme is aimed at young people between 13 and 16 who may be experiencing difficulties in engaging with school or their peers. They may have low self-esteem or lack confidence. As a result they may be displaying anti-social behaviour including deliberate fire setting malicious calls to the emergency services and at risk from school exclusion.

The project aims to improve their self-esteem and encourages them to grow in confidence. RESPECT is led by Youth Engagement staff and firefighters on each station to share their expertise and who are seen as strong, positive and caring role models. It engages with partners such as Cheshire Constabulary to break down barriers between the community and young people, provide up to 50 hours of flexible activities in Cheshire Halton and Warrington during school term time.

Working with RESPECT courses participants are encouraged to:

  • Adopt a new set of values.
  • Think about the consequences of actions.
  • Work co-operatively with others.
  • Improve self-esteem.
  • Develop confidence.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Change attitudes and modify behaviour.

Which in turn aims to improve life chances of the young people
As one young person quoted during his graduation:”I have learnt that RESPECT is not just a word.”


P4C continues to be delivered throughout all lessons. The aim is to develop critical thinking and questioning using poetry and stories as stimuli as well as developing group and community cohesion. The lessons allow pupils to analyse, challenge and reflect their own and others’ thoughts on philosophical concepts. In addition from an English perspective, we use P4C to develop active listening strategies and challenge inaccuracies in their spoken grammar, encouraging them to use P4C is now an integrated part of the tutor time programme with one whole week of each half term devised to the delivery. Tutor groups discuss current topics within vertical tutor groups.

Wednesday Drop In – Addaction

Drop in sessions are available with Addaction where students can discuss matters from EHWB, addiction and substance misuse. Appointments can be booked via student services.

Community Links

OBA continue to work alongside community groups to offer help and support to the students.

School Food Plan

OBA are complying with the new School Food Plan guidelines and throughout each academic year constantly make relevant changes to accommodate the new initiative.

Canteen – Breakfast Club

OBA offer a free breakfast club. Students who are in school before 8.10am receive a free breakfast. Currently we are averaging around 80-90 students a morning with the highest number so far this year being 120 students.

Canteen Themed Days

The OBA canteen staffs have been helping to develop students’ knowledge of healthy eating by running themed days to encourage students to try different foods and think about eating healthy. In September we celebrated Languages week and students were able to try a host of different foods.

Enrichment – Cooking Club

Cooking club has been a hugely popular Enrichment activity this academic year for OBA students.


Twitter Account – @OBASports

@OBASports continues to go from strength to strength. We currently have over 450 followers varying from students and parents to outside agencies and sporting companies. The @OBASports Twitter account has been a massive positive for Sport here at OBA as it helping engage students and giving them up to date information in regards to what sport is going on here in the academy. It is a great way for students and parents to communicate to staff and also a fantastic forum to support events and teams as well as showcase some of the OBA sports successes.

OBA Sports Poster

The OBA Rowing Team are going from strength to strength with 10 students that have now joined Runcorn Rowing Club as full members and the next group are learning to row already. We also have 3 parents that have joined the club from volunteering with the OBA Rowing team. We have a boys rowing team and a girls rowing team which compete in Regattas. Students have progressed onto competing as skulls, duals and quads. The students are now rowing ambassadors for the younger student squads.

OBA Rowing 1 OBA Rowing 2

OBA Rowing 3

Fitness Club is also available for students and staff to use the excellent new fitness suite facilities at OBA. The enrichment for Fitness Club has proven to be one of the most popular here at OBA and the incorporation of a Personal Trainer to both lessons and enrichment has helped students engage in their own fitness programmes.

OPupils rowing on machines in Fitness Suite

Table Tennis has remained persistently popular with up to 30 students attending enrichment on a nightly basis. Students have had the opportunity to be coached by a Great Britain champion and have begun to enter into local and regional competitions. The introduction of ‘Table Tennis Leaders’ allows students to take ownership, set up and lead pool competitions.

Pool Club is popular at lunchtimes and after school. The introduction of ‘Pool Leaders’ allows students to take ownership, set up and lead pool competitions.

Links with Everton Football Club have remained for the 8th year running and OBA Students (both past & present) are involved in the running of the Mini Kickers programme every Thursday evening. Local primary school students undertake 1 hour coaching of Football within the scheme on a weekly basis. OBA continues to host the annual Runcorn mini kickers’ festivals for local primaries in partnership with Everton Football Club. Mini Kicker tournaments are commencing as early as October 2015.

OBA has already entered squads into Football (Girls & Boys), Netball, Basketball (Girls & Boys), Indoor Athletics (Girls & Boys), Athletics (Girls & Boys), Rounders, Badminton, Table Tennis, Rounders, Handball, Cheerleading and Cricket within the Halton Borough.

Outdoor Adventurous Education Programme

The Outdoor Education Programme at OBA gives students experiences outside of the school area. We wanted to give students at the academy opportunities to learn in different environments because learning outdoors is enjoyable, creative, challenging and adventurous and helps our students learn by experience and grow as confident people who value the outside environments.

The range of activities is chosen each year by Miss Belford who co-ordinates the programme. The following year groups should get an activity to participate in the following:

  • Year 10-Kayaking
  • Year 9 – Mountain Biking
  • Year 7-Rowing and Indoor Rowing
  • Year 8-Dragon Boating

Year 10 have just finished their kayaking and they really enjoyed the challenge of navigating through the Albert Dock in Liverpool. This gave them an opportunity to challenge their individual skills and fitness in a world heritage site.

Year 10 Team Building 3 Year 10 Team Building 2

Performing Arts

Dance remains one of the popular enrichment activities with both boys and girls attending weekly. ‘Bugsy’ the production is looking to be a huge success as the end of autumn term production.

Dance Make your Move

Year 9 dance students took part in the British Red Cross ‘Dance Make Your Move’ competition on Saturday 13th June at the Liverpool Lighthouse Theatre.

The idea of the event was for dancers to create a dance piece based on the good work the Red Cross charity does and for the dancers to fundraise alongside this to help the charity. Our school raised the most amount of money winning the ‘gold’ award raising over £650!

Massive well done to the year 9 dancers who performed so well and did the academy proud!


Creative Curriculum (KS3):

Year 7’s and 8’s as part of their Creative lessons have explored different themes within dance. In term 1, year 7 looked at ‘house dances’ where they explored different methods of choreographing dance to enable them to create their own house spirit dance. Year 8 explored their trip to the beach which they visited last year and created dance scenes based on their memories of the trip. In term 2, Year 7 have looked at different dance styles that have developed through the eras and year 8’s looking at the development of African dance. Within lessons pupils have created, performed and appreciated each others work with a final showcase of their work at the end of the term.

Dance Curriculum (KS4 & KS5):

Year 9, 10 and 11 study GCSE dance and year 12 and 13 study level 3 BTEC. Within both key stages pupils must work on building their dance technique which involves routine warm ups, developing stamina, strength and flexibility. The courses are very physically demanding and takes a lot of commitment and determination to succeed. Pupils must rehearse outside of school and are encourage to rehearse and stretch in their own time to achieve physical excellence.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke of Edinburgh is excelling at the academic year with anticipated record numbers of students taking part.

Enrichment – Saturday Academy

Around-the-World on a Saturday

After its huge success again last year, the Around the World project is back. The ATW project runs at OBA every term-time Saturday (October – July) and gives students the opportunity to broaden their cultural horizons. Approximately 25 students attend each week and engage in a diverse mix of activities that have included the following physical activities;
Hand ball, Bollywood dance, Capeoria martial arts, Taiko-West Japanese drumming, Salsa dance, basketball, breakdance, football, hockey and mini-Olympic style games.

Saturday Sports Academy

Saturday sports academy gives local children the opportunity to get involved in sport. At the moment approximately 20 -25 students attend on a weekly basis with numbers rising on this point last year. Key Stage 4 students support the Saturday academy as they hope to develop their coaching skills for future job experience and perspective.

Sports Coaching

Here at OBA we encourage the next generation of Sports coaches and often require students to undertake coaching roles in lessons to develop their skills alongside personal integrity and confidence.

60 Year 11 Girls are undertaking their JSLA award.

4 sixth form students have recently returned from places on ‘Challenger Sports’ Scheme whereby they were successful applicants in securing coaching jobs for the Summer months (June – Sept) for 4 – 16 weeks in America.

Health Schools Board

Healthy schools board has been devised outside the canteen to help promote the importance of physical activity. PE department and cooking department also have specific boards to help promote healthy lifestyles and physical activity. Boards are used to help promote career pathways and to engage students.

I-HUB/Learning Link

This year has seen the introduction of the I-HUB. The I-HUB offers support for students who may be experiencing difficulties in their lives and may require extra support. Students can access the I-HUB for whatever their needs. House Managers are always on hand to support individual needs. The learning link is available for vulnerable students with 1-1 support on full and part time bases.

Student Services

Student service at OBA has a weekly slots on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am – 12pm. Young Addaction are on hand to help students. The service offers support for young carers alongside this the service offers the following; Help with substance misuse, Smoking, Personal safety, General drug awareness, Referrals to other agencies, Emotional health and wellbeing. The service offers Support with mental health, Awareness of positive activities and Budgeting and finance. It also offers support for any of the above issues which may be affecting students or their family.

Lunchtimes have seen the introduction of the ‘one stop shop’ stand which helps raise awareness of current issues for students. It also offers guidance and support for agency support.

Outside Agencies

OBA has a fantastic SEN department which engages with a variety of outside agencies in order to support all our students’ needs here at OBA.

Anti-Bullying Policy

After meetings with the ‘Be Healthy’ representatives on the student council a new anti-bullying poster has been devised to be featured in all classrooms around school. The student parliament representatives decided that it was important to reemphasize OBA’s zero tolerance on Bullying. Mrs Snagg the Academies community officer worked with Miss Fleetwood to draw up this poster for display. There has also been the introduction of the ‘Conflict Resolution log’ which helps to monitor any incidents of Bullying reported.
As part of the ‘Make a positive contribution day’ year 8 students devised a Anti Bullying campaign that they delivered to house assemblies.

Anti-Bullying Poster

Celebration & Recognition

Here at OBA we like to recognise hard work, dedication and achievement and celebrate these this on a weekly basis within assemblies. We have termly celebration assemblies to promote the positive aspects of OBA life and the work of students both in and around school.

Half termly reports monitor behaviour and effort and students who are praised across the board receive individual certificates alongside celebration breakfasts with Year/House Teams and Senior Leadership teams.

GCSE, A-Level and academic progress amongst both subjects and house/Year teams are rewarded  points throughout the academic year with parental involvement.
The ‘Dare to Shine’ board has been introduced this year whereby students who produce exceptional pieces of work are selected to showcase their pieces alongside their picture and are invited to the Principle and Vice Principals office to discuss the work they have produced.

Subject areas, Year Heads and senior leadership team send out praise postcards on a weekly basis.
Students who are recognised for outstanding work are allocated to celebration Trips.