Budding BBC Journalists

Eight lucky Year 9 students at Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy in Runcorn were recently given the opportunity to develop their journalistic skills when they took part in a ‘Practice News Day’ at BBC Manchester.

In preparation for The BBC School Report News Day on 27th March, the students from OBA got the chance to see behind the scenes of a variety of broadcasts, such as BBC Newsround, BBC Breakfast, BBC Sports, CBBC, to name but a few. They learnt about how important and demanding it is to work at the highest standard to tight deadlines, they realised how focused you need to be to present live to real audiences but they also discovered how much fun all it can be to create video, audio and text-based news reports.

In March they will take part in the annual News Day, with other schools in the country, with live links to The BBC, so they made the most of the day to practice their skills by interviewing BBC reporters such as Ayshah Tull, Presenter and Reporter for BBC Newsround.

Mr Daniels, House Manager, who accompanied the students said “The students had a fantastic time and special thanks go to Gillian Blackwood, Senior Broadcast Journalist for organising and leading the visit. We met Newsround’s Deputy Editor, Georgina Bowman, who advised our students on how to select a newsworthy story and how to present it in a professional manner. She also gave us a detailed tour around the CBBC and Newsround studios.”

Ryan Farrow, who tried his hand as a ‘weather man’ said “The whole experience was amazing and we all learnt so much. We are now all really looking forward to presenting on our website in March and hopefully linking up live with the BBC.”