Year 7 PGL 2013

Almost one hundred and twenty Year Sevens from Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy recently spent two days at Boreatton Park, an outward bound centre in Shrewsbury. Throughout the stay, the students took part in a range of different activities which focused on team building, developing confidence and taking part in challenges in an outdoor environment.Group Girls

Students used their teamwork, planning and communication skills to design and build rafts with a limited amount of resources, and had great fun trying them out to ensure that they would stay afloat and carry the weight of their team members.

Raft Testing

Other daring activities included Trapeze Jumping and the Giant Swing, both of which were a real test of nerves and joint decision making. Students also enjoyed quad biking and they all excelled when they worked as a team to build survival shelters in the wilderness.

Pupil Quad Biking

Miss McAuliffe, PE Teacher, who co-ordinated the trip said “The students had to work together in a responsible and reliable way as these activities rely totally on students supporting and co-operating with each other. Planning carefully together to avoid any dangerous situations was a major part of the challenge.”

Hut Building

Year Seven Form Tutor, Mr Doran said “Developing basic camping skills, eating in the wild and starting a camp fire from flint was a first for many, but they all rose to the challenge. They got so much out of this trip and returned to school as more confident and more mature individuals, even if they were rather shattered! The positive relationships and the many skills that were established in just a couple of days were a delight to see.”

Raft on Land