OBA wax lyrical about Red Nose Day events

Four male teachers put on brave faces in the Hair and Beauty Salon at Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy on Red Nose Day when they volunteered to have their legs waxed by students and colleagues.

Mr Moorcroft & Hair and Beauty

Vice Principal, Andy Moorcroft, along with Mr Barry, Mr Hall and Mr Clark steeled themselves for the  rip-roaring event, knowing that the school would raise hundreds of pounds for such a good cause.

Mrs Stitch & Mr Clark

Students and staff, experiencing a mixture of sympathy and fun, paid to watch the Sixth Form Hair and Beauty students and some staff, turn hairy legs into smooth pins that any supermodel would be proud of. Male laughter tried its best to shine through but often gave way to the whines of the courageous members of staff.

Mr Hall

Andy Moorcroft, between winces, said “I’m glad I’m a man and don’t have to do this too often but it’s all in a good cause, so it’s well worth it.” Whilst Mr Barry, Head of Maths added “I came back for more this year after raising so much in such a short amount of time last year.  However, it wasn’t any easier.  Thinking of all the children and families I could help spurred me on, so I didn’t give in.” He added “I think they should call it Red Leg Day after what I’ve just experienced!”

Many other fundraising events took place including students selling boxes of red noses, many cake sales, a Cake Bake Off, five a side staff versus students tournament, sweet lucky bags and many other events.

Red Hair Day

Two workers involved in the multi–million pound building project that OBA is undergoing, which will be finished this summer, took time out to work even more closely with the school on a Red Nose Adventure.  Again the Hair and Beauty Salon provided the fun by dying the hair of on-site staff, Rachel Greenwood and John O Brien, bright red. Rachel said “We managed to gets lots of sponsor money out of the lads on site.  They weren’t brave enough to take part but they supported us all the way, as did our families and friends.  John will no doubt be the star of the show in the pub tonight!”

All together these events raised about £1,000 for Red Nose Day.