Music Enrichment 2013

This is a list of the music enrichment opportunities available to students in 2013 – there’s sure to be something for everyone!

DJ Production
Working with a professional DJ with industry experience, students learn how to produce and mix their own music.

Beat Beat Workshop
Learn to write songs for any genre of music, with studio quality production, from the HITSVILLE OBA studio.

Pop Choir
With trips to Kenya and performances planned throughout the year, this new and improved vocal ensemble perform pop songs, show tunes and even gospels songs for years 7-13.

Guitar Club
Still one of the most popular of our enrichments, led by the team of talented sixth formers, the guitar club is idea for both the beginner and the more experienced.

Music Club
The Club for everyone – drummers, guitarists, keyboardist and vocalist. Open to all year.

OBA Radio
The new and exciting enrichment is for the budding journalists, radio presenters, sport junkies and for anyone interested in producing a radio show. Open to all ages and specialist… come and be a part OBA history.

Rock Band
For anyone interesting in performing with their mates, this enrichment is for those musician who are interested in playing in a band.