Chicken Shed

KS4 Drama students have been extremely lucky to be able to work with the nationally acclaimed CHICKEN SHED Company at the Brindley Theatre. The company specialises in using the art form of physical theatre as a means for exploring complex issues amongst young people.

Over two days our drama students worked solidly with the company to devise a thirty minute physical theatre performance in which they highlighted issues and problems predominantly about knife crime. Our young people threw themselves into the project and felt that it was extremely enjoyable and beneficial as they gained a variety of new skills and created a performance that had impact and meaning.

The performance, which they produced and performed at the Brindley Theatre, was a poignant combination of energy and emotion which captivated its audiences, making them consider the influential factors and consequences of knife crime.

Chicken Shed Carry Chicken Shed Pyramid

Albie Wilcox in Year 9 said ‘The workshops and performance were so much fun. The Chicken Shed Company was really friendly and I learned so much from them. I didn’t want the project to end, it was awesome.’

Joe Watts in Year 10 said ‘I think that this is the best project I’ve been involved in at OBA. I loved working with a professional company and would love to be like them in the future. I really liked the way the company understood us as young people and the issues we explored are real in our everyday lives.’

Tyler Moriarty in Year 11 said ‘It was really exciting working with a professional theatre company and this will really help us in drama. The best part about the project was getting to perform with the company in front of an audience. I learned so much from doing this project.’

A fantastic project and an outstanding performance from our students and Chicken Shed.

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