GCSE Results 2012

Students at Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy are celebrating another year of superb examination results. Every single student in Yr 11 managed to achieve at least 5 A* – C grades at GCSE.

“100% was a very ambitious target. But is also meant that every one of our students would have the necessary qualifications to make the next step to higher education, or be in a good position to gain employment. This brilliant year group rose to the challenge and I am delighted with their success.”
John Rigby, Principal.

There were a considerable number of individual success stories, with many students achieving the top grades possible. Business teacher Mr Scott Fenner was thrilled to learn that over 60% of his Business students had achieved A* “They really deserved this; it’s been a great day for them”. 54% of Performing Arts students also achieved this top grade.

GCSE Results

Headgirl Christy Bellis said she was “thrilled” for her year group. Having achieved a notable 9A*s, 4As, 2Bs and a C she said she was very proud of her top grades in English and Maths, but also her A in GCSE Music because “I did Music as an extra-curricular subject so my teachers gave up a lot of their time to make sure our class did so well.” Matthew Kilpatrick who achieved 8A*s, 3As and 2Bs echoed Christy’s comments saying that the great results were down to “our hard work but also our teachers support”.

However this year group’s achievements have not been confined to exam results. Andrew Moorcroft, Vice Principal stated “Despite the pressure of examinations in their final year of GCSE study, this year group have still managed to make a marked contribution to the life of the school and wider community. They have been fundamental to our charity work, helping raise over £1000 for Halton Haven, they have won outstanding citizen awards for Halton and Cheshire, they organised an stunning assembly which helped us achieve Artsmark Gold and have really set the bar in terms of getting involved in enrichment both in school and out of school with organisations such as cadets. We are extremely proud of all their achievements.

OBA Highflyers
Rebecca Barnes – 4A*, 2 As, 6Bs, 4Cs
Christy Bellis – 9A*, 4As, 4Bs, 3Cs
Rebecca Bennett – 4A*, 3As, 10Bs
Emma Bentley – 4A*, 5As, 7Bs, 1C
Stephanie Bowers – 10A*, 4Bs, 4Cs
Leah Carney -8A*, 2As, 7Bs, 3Cs
Cameron Falconer – 6A*s,3As, 5Bs, 1C
Amy Hawkins – 8A*, 1A, 5Bs, 2Cs
Rebecca Hawkins – 8A*, 5As, 6Bs
Matthew Kilpatrick – 8As, 4A,s 3Bs, 3Cs
Daniel Labahn-Ayres -4A*s, 2A,s 5Bs, 6Cs
Danielle Stoba – 7A*, 2As, 5Bs, 3Cs
Chloe Tomlinson – 2A*, 6As, 2Bs, 4Cs