Cross Curricular Day 2011

On 19th October the whole of year eight took part in cross curricular day. The aim of the day was to design, build and market a propelled glider.

We incorporated Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) into our six hour day and 117 of our pupils came away with a CREativity in Science and Technology (CREST) Bronze award.

CREST is a project-based awards scheme for the STEM subjects. It links the personal passions of students to curriculum-based learning. In addition, UCAS endorse CREST awards for inclusion in students’ personal statements – they’re well regarded, high-quality and a tangible recognition of success.

CREST project based awards;
• Motivates students of all ages and abilities
• Develops problem-solving skills
• Develops practical and thinking skills as well as supporting presentation and communication skills
• Raises students’ levels of achievement
• Prepares students for ‘How Science Works’ at GCSE
• Allows students to explore their own ideas and interests within science, engineering and technology
• Encourages team work
• Helps to bridge the gap between science and technology in the classroom and the ‘real world’, preparing students for the world of work
• Raises awareness of different careers in Science, Engineering and Technology
• Provides opportunities for involvement in Regional and National Events

Cross Curricular Day Cross Curricular Day

Pupils spent their time in groups designing and making their gliders out of balsa wood and mini propellers. They took into consideration forces that act on a glider and key design features that help flight. Finally each team had to present their design and test the flight out to the whole of the year group. Teams were judged on design, build, time and distance in the air, as well as prizes for pupils who excelled in our school PRIDE initiative.

Cross Curricular Day Cross Curricular Day

Winning Team – Cottrell Airlines (Ashley Maddock, Mark Nuckley, Jacob McCaffrey, Emmi Morrall, Khloe Nuttall, Connor Ogden)

Problem Solving – Micah Tutt (Wilson)
Initiative – Kieran Hardy (Wilson)
Determination – Casey Vibrants (Browne)

Effective teamwork – Wilson Wings (Danielle McGough, Lauren Mills, Katie Hughes, Joshua Kilpatrick, James O’ Day, James McFayden)

Pupil Quotes

‘What I liked about the day was that we could all help each other out and make the plane together’ – Charlotte Mcmonnies

‘I liked the day because we got to work in groups. The glider was fun to make and we got a CREST award at the end of it’ – Carla Hodnett

‘I enjoyed working with my group and having a positive attitude towards winning. We used Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to design and make our planes’ – Kerry Horn

‘I would certainly recommend this day to anyone who enjoys Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths’ – Tommy Woolley

‘I really enjoyed the role of business manager because I had the opportunity to negotiate with the buying’ – Abbi Taylor

‘I think it was a great day because we all had a lot of fun making paper aeroplanes and wooden gliders. Also, everyone got to think creatively and use their imagination’ – Lauren Turner

‘What we had to do was build aeroplanes out of materials. At the start we had to think of a team name, then assign roles and design a logo. I loved every minute, even when we were debating’ – Jamie Lamborn

‘On cross curricular day we made planes as a group. The day was epic. When Mrs Smith said to the whole of year 8 that my group had won I was in shock!’ – Mark Nuckley

‘I thought the teachers put a lot of effort into it and that’s why I liked it’ – Amie Turkington