Students and staff at Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy are celebrating the best GCSE results in Runcorn after a staggering 99% of all Yr11 students achieved 5 GCSEs at Grades A* to C.

GCSE Results Day

Deputy Headboy Alex Jones who achieved 2A*s, 7As and 6Bs spoke of his admiration for his year group:

“There were a lot of changes to this year with the new Academy and it was such an important year. We proved that we could not only cope but thrive. Our teachers have the highest expectations of every one of us and I think that has made us so determined to succeed. Results day was amazing.”

It certainly has been a busy year for the Yr11 who have benefitted from a whole range of enrichment provision, including the school’s Saturday Academy. The hard work has definitely paid off.

Principal Mr Rigby told Wire FM who came in to do a live show from the school:

“They’ve worked hard and grown into a mature and confident year group who we are all very proud of. This massive achievement is also down to the sheer hard work and dedication of our excellent teaching staff.”

GCSE Results Day

Other outstanding performances include;

Ashley Cain – 10As, 3Bs, 1C
Elle Dougan – 5A*s, 5As, 6Bs
Ellis Greenwood – 9As, 7Bs, 2Cs
Rebecca Jones – 5A*, 6As, 9Bs
Kyle Murray-MCCullough – 5As, 6Bs, 1C
Lindsey Newby – 5As, 2Bs, 4Cs
Rebecca O’Day – 1A*, 2As, 16Bs
Jamie Sangha – 5As, 8Bs, 1C
George Southall – 2A*, 4Bs, 4Cs
Daniel Tayor – 4A*, 2As, 4Bs, 1C
Taylor Tunstead – 8As, 7Bs, 2Cs
Katie Tyler – 2A*, 2As, 6Bs, 1C
Rebecca Ungi – 2A*, 4As, 5Bs, 7Cs
Harry Watts – 5As, 9Bs

13 Yr8 high flying mathematicians also achieve a Grade C or above in their Mathematics GCSE 3 years early. Head of Maths Mr Barry put it simply:

“They were ready. It’s about stage not age, we refuse to hold anyone back”.