Millionaires’ Club

Accelerated Reader Millionaires Strive to Reach Goals:

How do you become a Millionaire? Read one million words! OBA students who have read over a million words this school year belong to a select group of Accelerated Reader Millionaires. A word count is generated each time a student reads a book and then takes a reading practice quiz online using our Accelerated Reader software. Next year we are looking forward to further strengthening our home-school links to grow this number further.

Congratulations to seven Year eight pupils who have read over one million words during this year.

AR Millionaires - Connor Oliver AR Millionaires - Zoe Longworth
AR Millionaires - Joshua Hewitt AR Millionaires - Christopher Warner

The pupils are:

  • Mark Siddall – 3,548,257
  • Connor Oliver – 2,424,519
  • Zoe Longworth – 2,207,061
  • Charlotte Ireland – 1,598,622
  • Josh Hewitt – 1,198,559
  • Matt Horton – 1,091,658
  • Christopher Warner – 1,080,100

‘Congratulations to all of these pupils. This is a huge achievement and it was a thrill to watch them work for their goal this year as they developed a deep love for reading.’
– Miss J Smith English KS3 Co-ordinator